Service Agreements

Armstrong Air and Heating offers service agreements to keep your HVAC system running cool. 

One of the main reasons to get a maintenance plan is to avoid future problems. Just like changing the oil in your car, you want to have your HVAC system serviced regularly. A lack of maintenance can cause HVAC problems, costing you money on repairs – especially in the state of Florida where the AC may run year round. 

Fortunately, most problems with your HVAC system can be avoided with proper maintenance. During your maintenance appointment, a trained technician will go through a 21 point inspection including checking the thermostat operation, checking all electrical connections, cleaning out the condensation drain line, checking for visual leaks and more. 

Having a maintenance plan from Armstrong Air and Heating not only prevents common air conditioning problems and hefty repair bills, it can also dramatically increase the overall lifespan of your system. Call us today to find out how much you can save with our Silver, Gold, and Platinum maintenance packages.

Service Agreements
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