1994 - Humble beginnings

Our story starts small—founded in 1994 by US Army Veteran Paul Richards in a household garage in Orlando, Florida. As the business started to grow, we expanded operations to a warehouse in Ocoee.

2001 - going commercial

Just 7 years into business, we expanded our offerings to the commercial space. Trust us, we’ve done our fair share of commercial gigs. Here are a few ones worth noting:

Installing VFR Systems at a Marriott in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Converting a Hospital into a Ritz in Miami.
Crescent Central Station installation in Orlando.

2004 - relocating for more

A critical year for Armstrong air—we moved into our current offices in Winter Garden Florida and found our home for the foreseeable future. It’s also the year we became LEED certified.

2006 - family ties

12 years later we opened up the operation by bringing in relatives to Armstrong Air, truly creating a family business of shared values and integrity.

2008 - new frontiers

Over the next couple years we saw amazing growth and fine tuned our focus for ultimate customer satisfaction and overall experience—expanding our footprint to cover all of Florida, as well as parts of Georgia, Alabama and Texas.

2010 - meeting milestones

16 years after beginning our business, we reached a noteworthy milestone and hired our 100th employee. Fun fact—they still work with us!

2014 - For a Good Cause

We partnered with the Boys and Girls Ranch for our largest philanthropic event to date.

2021 - Award-Winning Company

Over the past couple years, we’ve expanded to become an award-winning company with over 187 employees. We’re proud of where we’ve come and can’t wait to see what happens next!

2022 - It's Electric

In 2022 we expanded our services and now offer a full range of electrical services across locations throughout Florida.