Heat Pumps

Armstrong Air and Heating has the perfect solution to keep your family comfortable all year round. It’s a heat pump and, despite what the name implies, it both heats and cools your home. Florida’s weather is hot, humid and unpredictable. So a heat pump is an effective and economic way to keep the Florida weather outside.

Heat pumps are also known as “reverse cycle air conditioners.” They move heat in or out of the home to warm and cool it as desired. This is different from a Straight Cool air conditioner that uses an external element to create heat, typically either natural gas, oil or LP gas furnace.

With our extended warranties, high quality units and factory-trained technicians—it’s pretty rare that our customers face problems. But we’re always available for full-service repair, even if we didn’t install your heat pump. Estimates are always offered as well as competitive quotes, all to ensure you receive the best service and experience.

Heat Pumps
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