Should I Get An HVAC Maintenance Plan?

Should I Get An HVAC Maintenance Plan?

Getting a maintenance plan for an HVAC installation can be quite the investment. While most residential installations only need an annual check, this is not necessarily the case for commercial installations that need a more comprehensive plan. A maintenance plan for residential installations is definitely a long term investment in your home because it could save you money, in the long run, should anything happen to your HVAC system. Here are some of the reasons that should convince you to create a maintenance plan.

Avoid Expensive Problems That Can Be Prevented

One of the main reasons to get a maintenance plan is to avoid the problems you might get in the future. After all, a lack of maintenance can cause some of the most horrible HVAC problems, costing you money on repairs. The reality is that even if you have a warranty, you can still get issues from the environment or of course any other problems that may not be covered. Having the maintenance agreement will undoubtedly save you money and is insurance for your HVAC system.

Fortunately, most problems with your HVAC system can be avoided with proper maintenance. Let’s take the example of a blocked air duct. If dust, pet hairs, and other debris gets lodged into your system, your HVAC system becomes less effective. In extreme circumstances, it could even damage components, leading to costly repair. So, why not stick to a maintenance plan instead and avoid such repair costs completely.

Of course, to avoid the most common HVAC problems, you should get professional maintenance at least once a year. If you are a business that depends heavily on the HVAC system, you may want to schedule additional professional maintenance, this is especially applicable to businesses such as restaurants, who need proper extraction and filtering in the kitchen. Of course, since oils and greases are prominent in these areas, the HVAC system will need more maintenance than the average residential system.

Increase Your System’s Lifespan

Getting a maintenance plan for your HVAC system does not only prevent common air conditioning problems and prevent hefty repair bills on an annual basis. In fact, it can dramatically increase the overall lifespan of your system. This means that you will not have the cost of repairing or replacing an ineffective system due to the poor maintenance.

Manufacturers create products with the overall assumption that consumers will keep their HVAC systems maintained. Of course, when this does not happen, it can cause lots of problems along the way. Over time, it may even make your system less effective, which means you may have to upgrade or invest in a new system completely. A good maintenance plan can prevent this, and save you heaps in the process.

Save Money On HVAC Operation

When a system is not properly maintained, it needs to work harder to execute its normal function. Of course, when a system needs to work harder, it also means it needs more energy. So, as your system lacks maintenance, you may notice your utility bill increases. This is obviously one of the bigger reasons why you should get a maintenance plan for your system since it can save you a lot of expenses over the years and not just in repairs. No one wants to see an increase in your power bills.

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