Landscaping Around Your Air Conditioner

WHY YOU SHOULD KEEP YOUR AC UNIT FROM DEBRIS Spring is right nearby, even though we are going into winter, therefore so is the season for landscaping and there is a greater risk of having [...]


We’re On Top Of The World

  Friday 22nd Sept was an auspicious day for the whole team at Armstrong. Once again we accepted another award due to the tremendous effort put in by all our staff. We were awarded once [...]


Floridians Still Beating IRMA Together

Floridians are Tough and Resilient   At Armstrong, we are known for our community support and kindness. This time has indeed been a trying time since IRMA battered our shores and our state. [...]


Hurricane Irma HVAC Tips

Hurricane Irma Is Coming – Be Prepared Hurricane Irma is coming and as we all begin to make preparations we must also consider the aftermath of the catastrophic event. The aftermath is when [...]


Fall Is A Great Time To Replace Your Ac System

Fall may be the best time to inspect and replace your HVAC system There are several obvious reasons why you need to inspect and replace your HVAC system in fall. Today we will discuss not only [...]


“Above-Normal” Hurricane Season Predicted; Travel Impact Eyed – The Voyage Report

We are starting to prepare for a heavy Hurricane season this year and though most of the time, these storm systems stay off shore, there is an increased possibility of the hurricane coming onto [...]


Blistering Heat Wave Threatens Seattle, Where Only a Third Have Air-Conditioning – The New York Times

Photo Much of the country is used to occasional 100-degree days. Seattle, which has had just three in the past 123 years, is not. So unaccustomed is Seattle to scorching heat that, in 2015, only [...]


Passive Cooling and Your Air Conditioning System Will Save You Money

Can Passive Cooling Work Hand In Glove With Your Air Conditioning Whether your aim is a lower monthly utility bill or complete energy independence, there are several popular ways to keep control [...]


Air Conditioning Issues To Be Aware Of

Air Conditioning Issues There are many air conditioning issues that can arise when you do not have a proper AC maintenance plan in place and this can escalate quickly causing you more issues than [...]

AC Summer Money Saving Tips

  Hotter summers make people seek air conditioners to beat the heat. This usually results in high electricity bills drilling up holes in our pockets. Instead of crying over the bills, we should [...]

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