Armstrong Gives Back with Winter Garden Charity

Armstrong Gives Back with Winter Garden Charity

We have just given thanks, not only for our families and loved ones but also for those who work with Armstrong Air & Heating. Without them, we would not be able to achieve what we have over the years and the multiple awards we have won. As we move into the holiday season, we know there are many who will be struggling over the holidays. We are known for our entrepreneurial spirit, but equally we are known for our philanthropy.

Armstrong Support For Charities- Winter Garden Charity

We support many charities such as Winter Garden Charity, Local Children’s charities  and many veteran’s charities. It’s all about giving back and our support for our local community is endless.

Charities such as Matthew’s Hope and Hooked for a Cure all benefit from our giving programs, but more recently Edgewood’s Children’s Ranch has also benefited from our help.

It brings us so much happiness to be able to help those in need. However, no one actually knows that we now have our own internal charities and giving programs that we know will grow and change many lives in the present and in the near future.

Internal Armstrong Charity Programs

We are so dedicated to our veterans and our local communities that we developed our own internal charitable programs such as our Hardest Hit Program and Comfort For a Cause, these are our internal programs that support those in dire need and our veterans. The backbone of all of this stems, not only from the love and dedication of our staff but also our president Paul Richards who is also a veteran in his own right and has a place in his heart for all veteran’s.

As we continue to grow, so will our charitable programs in order to help those who need it most. Think of this when you are replacing your air conditioning system. You are also being a part of our giving as it’s because of the success of the company from loyal customers that we are able to out reach to those in need. We support communities and charities like Winter Garden Charity to make our communities better everyday.