Floridians Beating IRMA Together -Armstrong Inc

Floridians Beating IRMA Together -Armstrong Inc

Floridians Beating IRMA Because They are Tough and Resilient


At Armstrong, we are known for our community support and kindness. This time has indeed been a trying time since IRMA battered our shores and our state. However, we are a tough and resilient state and have some of the best support and professionals in the world. Floridians beating IRMA together to let the community know that we are always there for support.

We want all our colleagues, family and friends to know that we are there for them and we are as supportive now as we have ever been and even more. It is so heartwarming to see communities standing strong together in the face of such adversity. We ask for those who have no power and who are still suffering the effects of Irma, to remain strong for we are #floridastrong and for our customers and colleagues In Orlando, know that we have your interests at heart and are working tirelessly to bring balance and structure back to our city and state.

We know that many of our customers are without power and understand that it will be uncomfortable, but we are supporting and bringing back the COOL as we speak.  We also want to thank the emergency crews that are still working tirelessly to serve the people of Florida and especially our power companies who have stood up and are bringing power back to those people who have lost it. We are eternally grateful and proud of all who serve selflessly.