Dianne Is Breathing Clean Air Again – Armstrong Air & Heating

Dianne Is Breathing Clean Air Again – Armstrong Air & Heating

Are You Suffering Because You Are Not Breathing Clean Air ?

Armstrong Supports Community

Clean air is often something we take for granted until its too late and nothing has been so exemplified than the issues with air quality since Hurricane Irma hit us. When there is too much moisture and humidity, it makes for a breeding ground of bacteria and spores. These spores can cause a plethora of problems in your home, which are almost hidden and start to manifest over time in physical illness. The best way to combat this is to ensure your HVAC System is working accordingly and with new technology can work hand in hand with other facets that clean and purify the air we breathe.

If you are older and breathing in polluted air, the chances are that you will suffer greatly in your lungs and the quality of the air you breathe will be severely diminished. Now add in the terrible aftermath of a hurricane and you have a recipe for disaster.

Dianne Needed Help and We Answered The Call

One such victim was Dianne Bache, an elderly woman who’s trouble breathing was easily attributed to these aforementioned problems, and coupled with her advancing years, makes these issues almost deadly. Tom Hyatt of Armstrong Air and Heating felt the need was greater to ensure this woman could breathe clean air once more and help her through the troubled period. There was no way that she could pay for this herself and Tom and Paul (CEO) arranged to spread a little early happiness to this wonderful woman at no cost to her or her family.

Contaminated System With Mold

The system that was previously in the home was installed many years ago by another company and was passed its sell-by date and probably not maintained are tuned up in a very long time.

Armstrong is known for philanthropically working and going above and beyond for the community and this case was no different but needed some special Armstrong love, which Paul and Tom duly rose to the challenge and immediately put a remediation team together to make this right and bring clean air back to Dianne once more. We are equally known for our charity work and standing up to help our community in times of need. From helping our veterans to local community needs, we take our service beyond just the world of air conditioning. In a way, we are often seen as ministering to those who need and our patriotic duty to serving and standing by the needs of our fellow countrymen make us who we are today.

Installing New Systems

This year alone, Armstrong has far surpassed expectations and have been the choice of new home constructions and corporate building organizations. Such projects have been installed throughout the central Florida area and even further afield as the reputation of Armstrong Air and Heating precedes with new high capacity units installed in;

  • Altis at Fairway Commons – Boca Raton – 240 HVAC Units
  • Altis at Bonterra – Hialleah – 360 HVAC Units
  • Rocky Point – Tampa – 323 HVAC Units
  • Lennox at Bloomingdale – Riverview – 240 HVAC Units
  • City Vista – Pompano – 111 HVAC Units
  • Ancorra – Orlando – 288 HVAC Units
  • Seminole Commons – Sandfors – 98 HVAC Units
  • Graham @ Grace Point – Tampa – 120 HVAC Units
  • Alta @Grand Lake – Orlando – 366 HVAC Units
  • The Fountains Bldg – Orlando – 323 HVAC Units

This is just a small section of the companies successful projects to date and when we asked what the secret was, Tom replied;

“We have a great team and we all work together like a well-oiled machine, it’s the team work and dedication of those in the company and willingness to offer the best possible service in our industry that makes us unique”

It is quite clear this company is driven by heart and hand to bring comfort to those who need it and to service an industry by developing services and quality far exceeding what is expected. There’s more to come from this unique team at Armstrong Air and Heating.

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