Armstrong AC Repair – We Look Back At What We Have Achieved

Armstrong AC Repair – We Look Back At What We Have Achieved

Armstrong AC Repair Award Winning Service

As we move forward into a new year, it is good to take a moment to look back at what we have achieved as a company and how we have forged ourselves into a unique team that thrives in our team environment, and who put service before and above all else. We don’t look at ourselves as a mere company that sells ac systems and all that goes along with it. We like to think of ourselves as pioneers in our field and love to give back to our community and those in need. Armstrong AC repair service company that has the best team to deliver award winning services.

Armstrong AC Repair Service Company- Strong

From the very conception of Armstrong Air and Heating, we have wanted to ensure that we give outstanding service and go above and beyond when we need to. For us, it is not about the amount of units we sell or how much profit; of course no business can survive in this day and age without making profit, but we prefer to think that we put service before and above all else. I guess that is why Armstrong AC repair service company is an award winning company and continue to win accolades because of how we operate.

Nevertheless, let’s put aside for one moment the business side of things and look at how Florida as a whole went through such a change and through disasters, we bonded, through turmoil, we grew and through adversity, we stood steadfast. We suffered environmental disasters, were touched by the hands of terrorism and yet our resilience as a state never faltered. Armstrong AC repair has always taken first step to help the community.

This steadfastness in adversity makes us strong and who we are, hence a new social media hashtag was born #orlandostrong and that is the epitome of our strength. However, no matter what we went through as a people, that rippled down to individuals and companies as businesses and people came together.

Armstrong AC repair

Armstrong Air & Heating is proud to be a part of the story and through our successes in 2017, we managed to touch many hearts and minds from the younger generation, our military and to our older generation. Wherever we could help and support those that needed us, we stepped up. This is what makes a company, not the bottom line, but what builds the foundations for future generations. We have a saying “Comfort you can count on” and that is not just about installing a system that keeps you cool, it’s about so much more, comfort comes from the heart and we serve from ours.

Cleaner Air Is Greater Air

After hurricane Irma, many people suffered from the physical and material damage that mother nature inflicted upon us, but one of those hidden costs was the cost to our air and in some cases, the air was so bad that people suffered in their own homes. We are blessed that we could respond and help to clean the air inside of affected homes and were able to integrate and install cleaner air systems for those that were suffering the effects of trauma. One of our recent interviews discusses this very aspect and is an emotionally heart wrenching story.


2018 and The Story Continues

We are now in 2018 and we are excited for the future of Armstrong AC re[air service company and how we can continue to approve on an exemplary track record. We hope and pray that there will be no disasters to answer to and that all of which we achieve is done with professionalism, skills and an open heart. We are only award winning because of you our customers who believe in what we do and we continue to strive to life up to that in 2018. Of course, no one company does this without a dedicated and excellent team and that’s exactly what we are here at Armstrong Air and Heating – Family. God bless you all this year and we wish all of you success and happiness, thank you for being part of our story.