Allergies And Black Mold Spores In Florida

Allergies And Black Mold Spores In Florida

 Major Causes Of Allergies And Black Mold Spores In Florida

Black mold spores in Florida can cause distress to individuals who suffer from the allergies. In Florida, because of the humidity, it is a common occurrence for homeowners to experience the devastating effects of black mold spores. Black mold is characterized as the formation of cellular organisms, which can result in the spread of mold, which then has the potential of becoming toxic when it dries. The spores are formed on the mold and remain on the exterior.

This is known as hyphae and resembles a nest, much like the one that is found on mildew. Black mold spores are one of the major causes of allergies in Florida and are commonly caused by a lack of clean air in the area where they accumulate. You will find black mold spores on floors, ceilings, in bathrooms or in any moist or warm areas in a building.

The risks of inhaling black mold are many, in addition to allergies, there is also the risk of death for some individuals. It enters the individual’s body via the nasal cavity each time the air is inhaled. The spores are tiny, microscopic formations in the mold, which cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Damage Caused By Black Mold Spores in Florida

After entering the body, these spores can cause major damage, based on the exposure level. It can cause death in children who have been exposed, and adults may become ill. The symptoms triggered by black mold spores are similar to those of some other illnesses. In doing the checks for a source, it is wise to include testing for exposure to black mold. Locating the source of your exposure can save you a lot of time, money or even your life. 

At Armstrong Air and Heating, we understand that the risks associated with the inhalation of black mold go beyond those of other diseases. They are aware of the damage that can be caused to an individual’s internal organs and blood pressure, which can become inconsistent and cause issues with their reproductive health. A lack of concentration, memory impairment, mood swings, urinary tract and stomach problems may also occur.

Do not allow the effects of black mold spores to confuse you and keep you ill. Avoid the confusion that comes with not knowing your exact symptoms. Let Armstrong Air and Heating help you to effectively prevent black mold spores and the resulting allergic reactions from existing in your home. Continued exposure to this allergen can result in serious illness.

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