How Often Should I Change Or Clean My Filter?

A. Replace or clean your air handler filter regularly. Every month if possible, particularly if you have pets in your home. A clogged filter restricts airflow and as a result your air conditioner will work longer to maintain the temperature. Likewise, have your air ducts cleaned every few years.

What Setting Should I Set My Thermostat On?

A. Find a comfortable automatic setting for your home thermostat and try to leave it there. Turning your thermostat off when you leave for work can be counter productive. You will spend more energy trying to re-cool your house than if you had not adjusted your thermostat in the first place.

When Should I Replace My Air Conditioner?

A. Air conditioners, like other machines, wear out over time and become inefficient. This results in higher electrical costs. If your system is more than 10 years old, contact Armstrong Air & Heat.

What Size System Do I Need For My Home?

A. Many things can determine the size capacity system your home requires. For example: Living area of house, climate, humidity, insulation, direction of home. Let Armstrong do an energy analysis of your home and help you decide what your energy needs are for your home.

What Is The Meaning Of Heat Pump?

A. Heat Pump, a reverse cycle air conditioner, cools and heats by moving heat in or out of your home. While a Straight Cool is an air conditioner which uses different sources for heating. It can work with natural gas, oil , or an LP gas furnace.

How Often Should I Service My Unit?

A. Your A/C unit should generally be service twice a year, around Spring& Fall to assure it is working at its peak performance. Call Armstrong for our Energy Savings Agreement Plan and our 21-point preventive maintenance inspections.

What Does Zoning Mean?

A. A method of dividing a home into different areas and each area heating/air conditioning comfort is independently controlled.

How Close Should I Plant Shrubs Near My Outdoor Unit?

A. Shrubs should not be closer than 18 inches to your outdoor unit. To operate efficiently the unit needs space to take in and blow out air.

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