Fighting Florida Allergies With Your AC System

Fighting Florida Allergies With Your AC System

Best Weapon To Fight Florida Allergies

If you are living in Florida and you are fighting several Florida allergies, especially nasal allergy, it could be difficult to live a normal life. You will have watery eyes and stuffy nose with a lot of sneezing disturbing you whenever you want to focus on something.

Although it seems difficult to win this fight against allergens, you can make things incredibly simple by improving the quality of the air you breathe indoors (Lâm et al., 2014).

Your air conditioning system keeps you cool throughout the hot summer. It can also help you to fight Florida allergies. If you are not sure how Armstrong Air is here to help. Read the tips below and you will how easily you can get rid of allergens from indoor air pollution.

Always Replace AC Filters In Time

We can’t stress this enough. It’s extremely important that you change your AC filters in time.

Changing/cleaning filters regularly will not only keep your machine running at its best but it will also help lower the number of allergens in the air. The filter will simply block many airborne particles, including allergens, and deliver cleaner air.

If you keep running your AC unit with dirty and clogged filters, indoor air will be loaded with allergens, alleviating allergies.

Use a Dehumidifier

A humidifier can keep the mildew and mold away. It’s one of the major reason why allergies outbreak in homes, especially in Florida where high humidity is a real problem.

An easy test to determine humidity level in your home is to look at the windows. If you see fog forming on the glass, it’s a clear sign that you can benefit a great deal from a humidifier .

allergens in air clean ac filters

With the help of a humidifier, you can bring down humidity levels in your home. That means there will be no mold or mildew and there won’t be any airborne allergens.

Mildew and mold release mold spores during the breeding season. These tiny spores are airborne and cause allergic reactions in most people. If you use a humidifier at home, you can reduce these allergens from the air, making your life easier when at home.

Regular HVAC maintenance

When you are serious about fighting Florida allergies, you can’t ignore regular HVAC maintenance (Lintner and Brame, 1993). Your AC system has an air filter that will automatically filter airborne allergens and dust particles to deliver clean air. However, your unit can only fight off these allergens if you keep it in good condition.

A professional HVAC technician can contribute to lowering airborne allergens in your home. At Armstrong Air, we strongly feel that regular HVAC maintenance and air conditioning service can save you thousands of dollars each year in energy and medical bills. Therefore, help you to fight horrible Florida allergies.

Contact Armstrong Air today for a professional HVAC inspection. Our team will inspect your AC system and advice you on things you can do to reduce humidity in your home. Moreover, they will explain exactly how they can help in your particular situation.


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Award Winners In 2018 For Best AC Customer Service

Award Winners In 2018 For Best AC Customer Service

Our Excellence in AC Customer Service and Satisfaction

Every year, we strive to be better than we were before, to ensure that our customers are satisfied and are happy with the service we provide. This is why we continually win awards, and this year is no different. We are delighted to be the award winner for the coveted Pulse Of The City Awards in 2018 for customer service and satisfaction.

we have always had a history of going over and above for customers and especially those in need. From the devastating effects of hurricane Irma to our service men and woman needing a helping, hand, we step forward because we can and because we believe in the strength of the American people. We are delighted to be recognized for our service and this would not be possible if it were not for the amazing team at Armstrong Air and Heating. This truly is a team in every sense of the word and we strive for excellence in AC customer service and satisfaction.

We truly stand by our commitment to be the top company offering best AC customer service and satisfaction above all else, and this is why we continue to be award winners in our class.



service award


Armstrong AC Repair- We Look Back At What We Have Achieved

Armstrong AC Repair- We Look Back At What We Have Achieved

Armstrong AC Repair Award Winning Service

As we move forward into a new year, it is good to take a moment to look back at what we have achieved as a company and how we have forged ourselves into a unique team that thrives in our team environment, and who put service before and above all else. We don’t look at ourselves as a mere company that sells ac systems and all that goes along with it. We like to think of ourselves as pioneers in our field and love to give back to our community and those in need. Armstrong AC repair service company that has the best team to deliver award winning services.

Armstrong AC Repair Service Company- Strong

From the very conception of Armstrong Air and Heating, we have wanted to ensure that we give outstanding service and go above and beyond when we need to. For us, it is not about the amount of units we sell or how much profit; of course no business can survive in this day and age without making profit, but we prefer to think that we put service before and above all else. I guess that is why Armstrong AC repair service company is an award winning company and continue to win accolades because of how we operate.

Nevertheless, let’s put aside for one moment the business side of things and look at how Florida as a whole went through such a change and through disasters, we bonded, through turmoil, we grew and through adversity, we stood steadfast. We suffered environmental disasters, were touched by the hands of terrorism and yet our resilience as a state never faltered. Armstrong AC repair service company has always taken first step to help the community.

This steadfastness in adversity makes us strong and who we are, hence a new social media hashtag was born #orlandostrong and that is the epitome of our strength. However, no matter what we went through as a people, that rippled down to individuals and companies as businesses and people came together.

Armstrong AC repair

Armstrong AC repair service company is proud to be a part of the story and through our successes in 2017, we managed to touch many hearts and minds from the younger generation, our military and to our older generation. Wherever we could help and support those that needed us, we stepped up. This is what makes a company, not the bottom line, but what builds the foundations for future generations. We have a saying “Comfort you can count on” and that is not just about installing a system that keeps you cool, its about so much more, comfort comes from the heart and we serve from ours.

Cleaner Air Is Greater Air

After hurricane Irma, many people suffered from the physical and material damage that mother nature inflicted upon us, but one of those hidden costs was the cost to our air and in some cases, the air was so bad that people suffered in their own homes. We are blessed that we could respond and help to clean the air inside of affected homes and were able to integrate and install cleaner air systems for those that were suffering the effects of trauma. One of our recent interviews discusses this very aspect and is an emotionally heart wrenching story.


2018 and The Story Continues

We are now in 2018 and we are excited for the future of Armstrong AC re[air service company and how we can continue to approve on an exemplory track record. We hope and pray that there will be no disasters to answer to and that all of which we achieve is done with professionalism, skills and an open heart. We are only award winning because of you our customers who believe in what we do and we continue to strive to life up to that in 2018. Of course, no one company does this without a dedicated and excellent team and that’s exactly what we are here at Armstrong Air and Heating – Family. God bless you all this year and we wish all of you success and happiness, thank you for being part of our story.

AC Maintenance: 6 Tips to Keep your AC Running Smoothly.

AC Maintenance: 6 Tips to Keep your AC Running Smoothly.

Why Consider Thinking About AC Maintenance ?

People need their home Air Conditioning unit running correctly to combat the heat of summer and stay comfortable as the season persists. However, a neglected AC unit can cause much trouble. Not only can it affect your homes ability to cool off, but it could also raise your energy bills in the process. So, to avoid these problems down the road, you will want to perform a couple routine AC maintenance checks and tasks to keep your AC unit running. Here are a few tips to get you started.

6 Tips to Keep your AC Running Smoothly

Mind Your Air Filter

One of the most critical steps in AC maintenance is cleaning or replacing your air filter. It is a task that should be done once a month during summer or winter, but less often in the spring and fall months, however, some households are lucky if they perform this task once a year.

These furnace filters can collect dust, dirt, and other allergens that not only constrict airflow but can also trigger asthma or allergy symptoms of those living in the household. Your system will be doing more work than it should and will ultimately affect your heating and cooling costs. So, the simplest things you can do so that it isn’t a problem down the road is to check and clean or replace your air filters periodically.

Examine your AC Coils

Your air conditioner has both an evaporator coil and a condenser coil that slowly collects dust and dirt over time. Though a clean air filter lessens the amount of dirt collected, eventually though, the coil will need to be cleaned after an extended period of use. This is because the gathered dirt will reduce airflow and insulate your coils, which will make it harder for the unit to absorb heat. To keep this from happening it is essential to examine your evaporator coil once a year and clean it if it seems that too much dirt has accumulated.

Your outdoor condenser coil can also succumb to dirt especially if its surrounded by trees or shrubs. Just looking down into the unit, you will be able to see if the dirt is building on the fins or not. Generally, you would want to keep debris and dirt as far from your condenser as possible. Make sure to clean around the vent, remove the debris, and keep your shrubs manicured. This will allow the proper airflow to your condenser and keep your unit functioning properly for longer.

Check the Thermostat

Your thermostat is the link between you and your homes AC unit, making sure it’s functioning as designed will keep your home at the temperature you want it. An older mechanical thermostat may not be suited to your home’s needs if you still have one. Try upgrading to a programmable thermostat and see if you can feel the difference.

You can use your programmable thermostat to raise the temperature when no ones in your house and set it to cool just before the family comes home. This technique will allow you to keep your home comfortable and save you on your energy expenses.

Survey the Wiring and Components

There could be problems with your wiring if you are not careful and check the components of your AC unit periodically. So, before you check, make sure your unit is turned off by switching the service disconnect found on the outdoor unit or using the breaker panel in your house.

Once that is taken care of, you can take off the access panel of the condensing unit and check for burned, blackened, or melted wiring all of which are signs of overheating.

Also, keep an eye out for loose electrical wires. Make sure all the wires are pushed in and if you have an electrical test meter handy you can use it to check the unit’s capacitors. Also, take a look at the contactor switch and make sure that no excessive pitting is taking place.

If these problems are occurring in your unit, then the best thing to do would be to seek out professional help so that they can find the root of the problems and have them fixed for you.

Keep Outside Unit Clean

Your outside unit can collect dirt, grass, leaves and a lot of other outdoor debris over time. The presence of these things can build up on the outside of your unit and adversely affect your system capacity and reduce the air flow.

To help with this issue, try shutting off the unit’s power and using your outdoor garden hose to rinse away the debris. Remember to start at the top and work your way down while holding your hose at a 45-degree angle. You should never use a power washer for this kind of job because it could bend or even damage the fins on the coil.

Also, make sure that the foliage around your unit is cut back to keep it from impeding the air flow of your outdoor unit.

Man using a cell phone to call a professional

Call a Professional

Even though checking on specific aspects of your air filtration unit and keeping them washed, cleaned, and free of dust and dirt is important. Should your unit have, a severe issue happen then you’ll want to reach out to an AC Maintenance specialist to make sure your unit is running its best and that there aren’t any significant problems impacting your air filtration system or furnace filter that you’re unaware of.

A trained technician will have a list of problems that they can check for and see if any of these things could be keeping your airflow from reaching its optimum capacity. So, it helps to have someone there who knows what they’re doing.

Your local company will gladly assist you with any air conditioning problems affecting your home. Just remember that the small jobs can easily be handled by you. If you perform these routine tasks to keep your unit running at its best, then you can prevent major issues from happening and you save a lot on your energy costs because of how efficiently your AC will run.

Landscaping Around Your Air Conditioner

Landscaping Around Your Air Conditioner


Spring is right nearby, even though we are going into winter, therefore so is the season for landscaping and there is a greater risk of having overgrown landscape and rubbish and refuse around your ac unit.

When landscaping around the outside AC unit, there are a few things to bear in mind, to be sure that your unit remains safe, and works to its full capacity:

Clearance From The Condenser

Whatever you use to landscape around your AC unit, it’s crucial that you keep a standard clearance of 2-3 ft from the unit. Your unit needs a certain amount of readily distributed air to function effectively. Without circulating air, it’s most likely that your unit becomes more ineffective, and have to work harder to cool air. Hence keep virtually any landscaping 2-3 ft away, in case you intend on landscaping with trees, it should be trimmed to a minimum of 5 ft away from the unit.


Dirt and debris in the AC system are the most common reasons behind air conditioning issues in the US. If your AC condenser coil, part of the outdoor unit, becomes dirty or blocked, it can enhance the amount of energy your AC unit makes use of by as much as 30 %. That’s a fairly huge increase for something as easy as keeping the unit clean. Therefore it’s imperative that you think about landscaping alternatives that will avert dirt and debris from getting trapped in the unit.

Damage To Your Air Conditioning Unit

Another thing to consider is the fact many AC units are often damaged. Rocks, thrown up by lawnmowers, and accidental contact with weed whackers and lawnmowers will all harm your AC unit, and also result in an unnecessary maintenance. That’s why

Cover the ground around the unit

Wind and rain could cause sand and dirt to enter your condenser, making it filthy and forming the potential for clogs. Before you begin your landscape project, cover the area around the unit with mulch, gravel, or rocks. It will help to keep debris from entering the unit through bad weather.

Take into consideration extreme weather

If perhaps your home is new construction, you probably had a discussion about where you can put the condenser to start with – ideally that conversation began to take into consideration serious weather conditions. In that case, the condenser is more than likely protected from the toughest of the winds during a storm. If your house is older, it’s possible this conversation didn’t take place, which the unit is available to strong winds and flying particles. Should this be the circumstance, think about what weather conditions may be like before choosing a landscaping plan. You may benefit a lot more from a fence or even a portable remedy than from trees that could most likely fall and also cause damage.

Shading your A/C unit is a great idea

Keeping the condenser itself much cooler ensures that it won’t have to operate as hard to cool the air in your home. If your condenser is situated in a shady location already, fantastic! Otherwise, you ought to consider adding plants which are high enough to shade your system.

Fencing around the condenser

A terrific way to keep the AC unit and shield it simultaneously is always to install a small fence. As far as it’s put up at the right range from the unit (2-3 feet), it’s visually alluring and can safeguard the unit from kicked up rocks along with types of debris. You may even think about a lattice fence with a few climbing plants, so long as you make sure that the vegetation doesn’t stretch past the fence.


Be aware of how we mentioned one of the major cause of AC malfunction was dirt and debris? Surely, there’s an easy way to handle some of that dirt, when you set up a stone or metal border around the foundation of the unit. Filling the boundary with crushed rock or actually, the same material will help stop dirt and mud from splashing up in the rain. Because grass also can get trapped in the unit whenever it’s kicked up by wind or lawnmowers, a border guards your unit against that kind of debris as well.




If you choose to landscape with plants instead of a fence, you may think about plants that don’t get rid of their leaves in the winter. This would protect against any kind of excessive debris, can reduce your workload, and will keep your AC unit out of sight even in the winter. Moreover, evergreens are more feasible, when it comes to upkeep and cutting off. There are several of eye-catching choices that you can use to hide your outside AC unit.

Lattice Surround

Making use of lattice to develop a display around your outside air conditioner is appropriate because the openings stop the hot air flow blowing from the unit from being trapped. Whenever airflow to the system is impeded, the outside air conditioner can overheat. Dress it with a number of fancy post caps and greenery.





Armstrong Air Conditioning : We’re On Top Of The World

Armstrong Air Conditioning : We’re On Top Of The World


Friday 22nd Sept was an auspicious day for the whole team at Armstrong air conditioning service company. Once again we accepted another award due to the tremendous effort put in by all our staff. We were awarded once again in the Top 100 Privately held Companies recognized in the Orlando Business Journal and Friday was award day.

armstrong air conditioning

We could not win these awards if it were not for the dedication of our sales staff and our service staff and technicians who always go above and beyond to ensure we have the highest customer service. At Armstrong air conditioning service company, standards and service is such that we often go further afield into other areas and not just within our own locale. Our customer service is known nationally and the quality of our work is second to none.


We are equally known for our charity work and standing up to help our community in times of need. From helping our veterans to local community needs, we take our service beyond just the world of air conditioning. In a way, we are often seen as ministering to those who need and our patriotic duty to serving and standing by the needs of our fellow countrymen make us who we are today.


This year alone, we as Armstrong air conditioning service company, has far surpassed expectations and have been the choice of new home construction and corporate building organizations. Such projects have been installed throughout the central Florida area and even further afield as the reputation of Armstrong Air and Heating proceeds with new high-capacity units installed in;


  • Altis at Fairway Garden’s – Boca Raton – 398 HVAC Units
  • Altis at Bonterra – Hialeah Fl – 398 HVAC Units
  • Rocky Point – Tampa Fl 323 HVAC Units
  • Lennox at Bloomingdale – Riverview Fl – 240 HVAC Units
  • City Vista – Pompano Beach– 111 HVAC Units


This is just a small section of the companies successful projects to date and when we asked what the secret was, Tom replied;


“We have a great team and we all work together like a well-oiled machine, it’s the teamwork and dedication of those in the company and willingness to offer the best possible service in our industry that makes us unique”


It is quite clear this company is driven by heart and hand to bring comfort to those who need it and to service an industry by developing services and quality far exceeding what is expected. There’s more to come from this unique team at Armstrong air conditioning service company in Orlando.


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