Florida COVID Cases Are Rising, We’re Still Fighting

Florida COVID Cases Are Rising, We’re Still Fighting

The world encounters a crisis it had not seen in over a century, a pandemic. While some areas have the coronavirus pandemic under control, others are encountering an increase in Florida COVID cases. This unfortunately applies to Florida.

florida covid cases

Armstrong continues to fight the Coronavirus crisis, providing protection for its staff as well as its valued customers. To ensure our customers can continue to protect themselves against this horrible virus, we have created a quick overview of tips on how to protect yourself.

Keep Your Distance

Keeping some distance between yourself and people outside of your household is the best way to protect yourself against the coronavirus in public. Ideally, you should keep a distance of at least two meters or approximately 6.5 feet.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to keep this distance in public. However, there are some stores that still encourage this distancing rule in their shop. So, if you have the option, always choose this environment over others.

Social distancing also applies inside your home, for example, if you have an HVAC technician come over to fix your system. This is more to protect yourself than anything else. You could also request that your technician wears a face mask for the duration of his visit. You can also provide some hand sanitizer before allowing entry in your home.

Armstrong Takes Regular Precautions To Fight Florida COVID Cases

All of our staff take serious precautions to ensure safety for you and for us. For example, we disinfect our trucks, our tools, and all of our equipment. We wash thoroughly and we ware protective PPE to protect you and ourselves. We also take precautions as we work to ensure we get you back up and running or complete out work as fast as possible. You can rest easy knowing that we care for you and are doing our very best to protect you and us. Call us if you need HVAC service or emergency repair.

Hand Washing

Another great defense against the coronavirus is frequent hand washing for you and your children or other family members. It’s so easy to become relaxed with it, but you should wash your hands with soap and water for at least twenty seconds to help in declining the Florida COVID cases. Ideally, use the handwashing techniques used by healthcare professionals and keep your nails short. Otherwise, bacteria could still end up on your hands and cause infection

Assume Infection as Florida COVID Cases Are Rising

Assuming that you are infected with Coronavirus can protect others. There are many people who have shown to be infected but did not show any symptoms. Obviously, assuming you are a carrier and taking the necessary measures such as wearing a face mask in public can protect others.

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Hand Sanitiser Gel

Since Florida COVID cases are rising, you come into contact with many surfaces such as doorknobs and car doors, carrying some hand sanitizer gel is definitely a good idea. For example, when you take a cab somewhere, make sure you use the sanitizer as soon as you get out of the vehicle. It is also recommended to use a face mask for the duration of your journey.

Continuing The Fight Against COVID

Armstrong continues the fight against COVID-19 by implementing the strongest rules and regulations for its staff. By doing so, we do not only protect our staff against this harmful virus but our customers as well. If you need an HVAC technician but are worried about Coronavirus, feel free to contact our team for some peace of mind. Also, contact us for special offers in Air Purification for your home or business.

We leave our homes so you can be cool in yours.

Why Orlando Businesses Should Consider Air Conditioning Systems?

Why Orlando Businesses Should Consider Air Conditioning Systems?

Air conditioners could provide many benefits to Orlando businesses. Unfortunately, not all business owners are aware of those advantages. To ensure you are fully informed about the potential high returns that a good air conditioning system can deliver, we have created a comprehensive guide for you below!

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Photographer: Axel Vazquez | Source: Unsplash

Customer Comfort In Orlando Restaurants

If you have a restaurant in Orlando, air conditioning is almost essential, well not almost, given the humidity in central Florida it is essential for any number of Orlando Businesses and Florida as a whole. After all, you do not want your guests to sweating from the heat while they are enjoying the meal they ordered. Higher temperatures could reduce appetite as well. So, not having air conditioning could have an adverse effect on the orders your customers put in.

Increased Sales For Orlando Businesses

Air conditioners are not solely beneficial for restaurants, as they could prove beneficial for retail business as well. If you have a clothing store without an air conditioner, and when temperatures rise, your customers may be looking to leave your store as soon as possible to find some relief from the high temperatures. If you have an air conditioner, your customers will be more inclined to remain in your nice cool store. So, the chances they make a purchase increases too.

Better Energy Efficiency

Utility bills can certainly contribute to the majority of your overhead costs. So, it is important to have a system in place that can reduce those utility costs as much as possible. An efficient HVAC system installed by an expert has proven to make your business more energy efficient.

Orlando Businesses Have Less Sick Employees

Did you know that the air quality inside the workplace could have an adverse effect on the health of your employees? And did you know that inconsistent temperature could also contribute to more frequent sick absences? An air conditioner can solve both problems!

Air conditioners have the ability to purify the air and remove allergens, pollutants, and irritants. In other words, they improve air quality in the workplace dramatically. Since the air conditioner also makes the temperature more consistent, you will notice a difference in sick absences because of the comfort air conditioners bring.

Where To Get A Suitable Air Conditioning For Your Orlando Business?

orlando businesses
Orlando Businesses Need HVAC

There are many places where you could obtain an air conditioner, but none will be as efficient and fast as Armstrong Air. You can count on our experts to provide a professional, commercial air conditioner installation, but also for system upgrades, repairs, and maintenance. If you want to inform about an air conditioner for your business, be sure to get in touch with our team of experts today.

Air Conditioner Systems: The 10 Benefits You Need to Know!

Air Conditioner Systems: The 10 Benefits You Need to Know!

air conditioner

A good air conditioner is good for more than just keep your home cool and comfortable. Unfortunately, not everyone knows about the benefits of air conditioning systems. If you are passionate about air conditioning like us, be sure to check out the additional benefits of having an air conditioner inside your home.

1. Better For Asthma Sufferers

An air conditioner can have big benefits for asthma sufferers. The reason why it is so beneficial can be found with the fact that air conditioning does not only reduce humidity inside your home, it can also remove pollen and other allergens that are likely to cause an asthma attack.

When you install an air conditioner for the asthma benefits, be sure to get a regular maintenance for your system. Remember, dust and debris piling up in your system can reduce the effectiveness of the air condition, including its ability to remove allergens from the indoor air.

2. Better Home Security

Leaving windows and doors open to get some airflow inside the home leaves much to be desired, especially if you wish to avoid unwanted elements in your home. Burglars always look for open windows to gain easy access to your home. If you have an air conditioner, you do not have to open the windows or doors at all and you can keep your valuable possessions secure.

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Photographer: Miłosz Klinowski | Source: Unsplash

3. Exercise Comfortably

When you live in a hot environment, it can dampen your excitement for workouts somewhat. Of course, if you have a comfortable and cool environment to work out in, this all changes.

Many sports enthusiasts know the benefit of having an air conditioner in the room they train in. Not only does it enable you to work out better, but it also helps to regulate your body temperature during some tougher workouts.

4. Keep The Bugs Outside

When you need to keep cool by opening the doors and windows, chances are that some unwanted bugs will make their way inside your home. Of course, this is not limited to bugs that can cause harm to you, but also bugs and insects that can cause harm to your pets. Those who are lucky enough to have an air conditioner in their home do not have to keep their windows and doors open, so they can avoid bugs and insects entering their home.

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Photographer: Ed van duijn | Source: Unsplash

5. Sleep Better than Ever With Your Air Conditioner

Our body temperature drops down just before we fall asleep. Naturally, if you are sleeping in a warm environment, getting to sleep and staying asleep can be a serious problem. So, managing the temperature will be a big contributor to a night of better night sleep.

With an air conditioner in your bedroom, you can lower the temperature just enough to ensure easier and better sleep. Of course, it can also remove allergens from the bedroom, which can disturb the sleep of anyone who suffers from certain allergies.

6. Increased Lifespan For Your Appliances And Electronic Equipment?

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Photographer: Rustic Vegan | Source: Unsplash

Did you know those warm environments can cause kitchen appliances and electronic equipment to fail prematurely? After all, our bodies are not the only things that struggle with warm temperatures, because heat affects your expensive tech as well. Your appliances and equipment have to work harder, so keeping them cool can certainly decrease their lifespan.

7. Get More Done

It does not need to be said that warm weather can make you feel sluggish and unproductive. Fortunately, this all changes with an air conditioner. When you have a cooler environment, you will find it much easier to get all your chores and work done. Ever wonder why most businesses have an air conditioning system installed? Simple, because it increases the productivity of employees!

8. Stay Hydrated

If you are doing some serious sweating, it is easy to lose fluids and all those useful electrolytes that keep us feeling happy and healthy. When it is extremely hot, you never seem to get back to that happy medium. However, you can stay hydrated a little easier by keeping your home cool with an air conditioner.

9. Avoid Heat-Related Health Problems

There are certain health problems that can be made worse by warm temperatures; this includes but is not limited to heart disease and asthma. Heat stroke is another common problem that can be encountered in warmer temperatures. With an air conditioning system in your home, you can keep your body cool and avoid any heat-related problems.

10. Keep Things Quiet

We are not talking about the benefits of the air conditioner here, as we want you to spread the word. No, we are talking about the fact that a good air conditioning system can keep the noise inside your home down. If you live in a busy area, you are likely disturbed by the noise of car horns and traffic. So, why not keep things quiet by installing an air conditioning system in your home?

Looking to expand on your current air conditioning system? Or need a better heating solution? Be sure to get in touch with Armstrong Heating And Air!

Armstrong Brings Smiles To Over 2,000 Community Kids

Armstrong Brings Smiles To Over 2,000 Community Kids

For Immediate Release

armstrong air and heating
Back 2 S-Cool

Armstrong and Global Partners Team Up To Bring The Cool Back To School & reflects The company’s consistent high level of community Support

Armstrong Air and Heating has earned a reputation within the local community as a forward-thinking dynamic company that leads from the heart. Orlando has felt its fair share of disaster, from shootings, hurricanes, and mass loss of lives, which, of course leaves a trail of heartache in the many families that have been touched by these events.


Over the years, Armstrong has been forthcoming in supporting veterans and those on lower income levels to archive the comfort they deserve. Nevertheless, even though the company is ardently philanthropical, nothing touches the hearts of the staff on the ground more – as seeing a family struggling to survive and the children being forced to go without. This is the time when children are getting ready to “Go back to School” and for some, it’s exciting, but for other’s it means more struggle to even provide the basic necessities for School and for those children to be one of the Cool Kids.

Well, the staff at Armstrong, along with their wonderful globally recognized partners such as Carrier and Goodman (HVAC Manufacturers), and local companies are providing 2,000 fully loaded School Bags to local children in the Winter garden area, so they are ready to change their lives for the future and impact the future in a positive way.

We asked Paul Richards (CEO) why he felt this was important;

“Our children are our future, they have the capacity to change the world, to bring peace and harmony to the world and to make differences in people’s lives. That of course starts with education, and our staff have recognized that many children are not getting that chance because of their impoverished circumstances. We aim to be the first rung in the ladder of our new generations to enable them an even chance of winning on the playing field of life.” Paul Said

For more than 24 years, Armstrong air and Heating in Winter Garden, have served the community, but this is a drive that will reach deeper into the hearts of our future generation. Join Armstrong SAT 10th August from 9AM TO 12PM at Our headquarters and bring a smile to the children of our future.

Top Ten Tips To Keep Cool In Florida

Top Ten Tips To Keep Cool In Florida

keep cool in florida
Keep Cool In Florida
  1. Keep Hydrated
  2. Air conditioning
  3. Make the right choice of foods
  4. Plan your time well
  5. Limit heat exposure
  6. Take a cold shower
  7. Sleep on a cold sheet
  8. Avoid ice creams and cold drinks
  9. Avoid alcohol
  10. Wear the right clothes

Keep Cool In Florida: Florida is hot all year round for most people. There’s an old saying that says Florida is happy with the temp all year at sunny and 80°. From an external person looking in, it would seem the best place to be. Sunny and warm all year round. However, for Florida residents it is different, living in Florida does have its perks, but the humidity is almost unbearable. So how do you keep cool in Florida during the summer months. Of course, everyone can’t live without Air conditioning, but it was not always like that. Here are some top tips to keep cool.

Florida Heat and Humidity is Unbearable

Photographer: Vicko Mozara | Source: Unsplash

Summer is the hottest of the four seasons In Florida with temperatures rising beyond bearable levels. High levels of heat experienced in this season poses health risks to people, especially middle-aged adults, pet’s and children. It is therefore important to take necessary precautions in staying safe during the summer in Florida. It is imperative that you are active in trying to keep cool in Florida, it can often mean the difference between life and death with an unprecedented amount of Heat Stroke Victims.

Keeping Cool Has Health Benefits

There are uncountable explanations as to why you should keep cool this season, especially if you suffer from chronic medical conditions. Keeping cool during the summer is an excellent way of avoiding ailments such as hyperthermia, heat stress, heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke, among others. Dehydration is also possible and is a threat to your wellbeing. Keeping the body cool helps in maintain body moods because high levels of heat worsen frustration and tension.

Follow These Top Tips To Keep Cool In Florida

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Photographer: Josh Rakower | Source: Unsplash

1. Stay well hydrated

Water is helpful in the regulation of body temperatures, and of such it helps keep you safe. During the summer season, the human body gets dehydrated quite often, and it, therefore, replenishes the by drinking plenty of water. Make sure you drink lots of water before feeling thirsty.

2. Air conditioning

Air conditioning is a must in Florida, the humidity is very high and can be unbearable at times. However, what is fundamentally important with your AC System is to ensure it is working properly and to capacity. Making sure you have regular HVAC maintenance of your units will ensure your system works optimally and keeps you cool in the hot Florida heat.

3. Make the right choice of foods

During the summer, it is essential to make the right choices of foods. Some foods that can keep you cool are salads, vegetables, fruits and freshly harvested raw foods. Foods rich in proteins should be avoided during the summer because they raise the metabolic heat production resulting in excessive water loss in the body. If you lose too much water from your body, you could have medical consequences.

4. Plan your time well

Typically, the day gets hotter as time advances from morning to the evening. You have 24 hours at your disposal in a day. Make a proper plan on how you are going to spend your day and which activities to allocate morning hours before it gets hot. It is advisable to have a strategy whereby you tackle outdoor activities early in the morning before it gets hot. Indoor activities can be handled later in your air-conditioned house.

5. Limit heat exposure time

ac repair orlando 6
Ten Tips To Keep Cool In Florida

Direct sun rays on our bodies result in increased body temperatures, which eventually makes you suffer from excessive heat in the body. Life must run smoothly even in summer, which means that you don’t have the luxury of staying indoors in an air-conditioned room. You must work as usual and can’t escape the ruthless summer heat in some instances, its therefore important to take the proper precautions.

Cover yourself with an umbrella if walking and if working try working under shade during summer months and take regular breaks to rehydrate yourself.

6. Take a cold shower or apply something cold on your body

You can stay cool by taking a cold shower because it helps in reducing body temperatures and keeping you sweat free. If you are not in a place where you can take a cold shower, carry with you cold towels perhaps that you have in an ice bucket that you can use from time to time. In preparing cold towels, keep a few of them in a freezer or the cooler for a few hours before setting out for outdoor activities.

7. Sleep on a cold sheet

There is a likelihood of having some disturbed sleep on a hot night keeping you from getting enough rest. If you are not in a position of installing an air conditioning system or maybe you’re trying to save on the electricity bill and decided to keep it off, which of course is crazy in Florida – sleep on a wet sheet. The wet sheet will keep you cold on a hot night.

8. Avoid ice creams and cold drinks

This may sound counter productive because you would think that eating or drinking something cold will cool you – NO! Metabolism helps in maintaining body functions. The body through the digestive system converts food into energy. Cold drink’s initial cooling effect in the body gets replaced by the heat generated in the body leading to increased temperatures.

9. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol possesses diuretic properties. It makes your body lose water, leaving you dehydrated, which reduce the ability to lose heat.

10. Wear the right clothes

Light and loosely fitting clothes will help you keep cool this summer because they allow air to flow freely into your body. Avoid attire that has a color that absorbs heat but instead wears clothes that reflect it away.

Closing Thoughts:

The above tips will go a long way into ensuring that you keep cool this summer. Life must continue in all seasons, and this is only possible if we can accept the situation and adapt to it by considering the suggested tips. A proper working and fully optimized Air conditioning system is a must in Florida.

Armstrong Achieves Google Home Services Approval

Armstrong Achieves Google Home Services Approval

google home services

Today, we gladly announce that Armstrong Air and Heat has achieved approval for Google Home Services. With smart technology playing a bigger role in most households, this is good news for all Armstrong Air customers. Want to learn more about Google Home Services and what this means for customers? Be sure to read on!

What Is Google Home Services?

Google Home Services used to be known under the name Local Services by Google. It involves a scheme with advertisements for local businesses that have been approved by Google. Naturally, to receive the approval seal from Google, serious rules and regulations must be met. Armstrong Air has achieved that seal of approval and we could not be more happier.

google home services

To be eligible for Google Home Services, the business in question must have insurance and meet all the local license requirements for their specific field. License and insurance is verified by Google before approval. In other words, the legit nature of a business can be determined through Google Home Services. It provides customers with instant access to trustworthy businesses, but also provides businesses with access to a bigger customer base.

Furthermore, Google has a relationship with pinkertons security and ensures that all staff in the home services program are background checked and meet rigorous security standards. This is another reason that you can trust Armstrong Air and Heating – especially in the light of security in the world.

A variety of businesses can attempt to achieve Google Home Services approval. For the United States, this includes locksmiths, plumbers, electricians, HVAC services, carpet cleaners, garage door services, and house cleaners.

Who Is Armstrong Air And Heat?

Armstrong Air and Heat has become a standard for cooling and heating solutions in Orlando; this for residential as well as commercial installations. By providing quality service and competitive prices, Armstrong Air and Heat delivers an outstanding service to home and business owners.

Of course, customers can count on Armstrong Air and Heat for more than just HVAC installations, as we also have a team that provides maintenance appointments; this means you can get your air conditioner or heating system in outstanding shape!

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