Fall Is A Great Time To Replace Your Ac System

Fall Is A Great Time To Replace Your Ac System

Fall may be the best time to inspect and replace your AC system

Do you need to replace your ac system? There are several obvious reasons why you need to inspect and replace your AC system in fall. Today we will discuss not only all those reasons but will also focus on the advantages that come along with this decision. It has been discovered that during the spring, or the early fall, when temperatures are neither too hot nor too cold you get the chance to get the job done properly and can make a decision based on what you need and not out of desperation.

However, it’s also important to keep in mind that if your heating and/or air conditioning system is struggling, you really shouldn’t wait for the proper season to replace it, importance should be placed upon the need. Nevertheless, fall time is a great time to work on getting that new AC system that you need. So the time is really the moment you have an issue to replace your ac system.

Fall Can Save you Money When You Replace Your AC System

So, the first reason why fall is the best time for HVAC system update is that it saves you money. Fall replacements are beneficial especially when you want to get time to search for the best system or take time to determine what is better for you in terms of cost, efficiency, and value. Doing it in the hot months will often make you act in haste. Furthermore, it is easier in cooler months to do the installation.

Taking into consideration the fact that contractors are in between the cooling and heating seasons, they will be much more available to help you tune up and repair your current system if that is what you need. It’s the best time to plan ideal investments in new HVAC system due to being able to plan it properly without acting on desperation because of the weather.

You Can Get The AC System You Need

replace your ac system

A lot can change during a year and you can be offered a number of new air conditioning systems with much more evolved features and specifications. Choose fall for such decisions. Give that time to do some research and make your final choice between the systems that provide superior nighttime comfort and humidity reductions, as well as come with less noisy features both inside and outside of your home. Controls, communications, and programmable thermostats are other important features to take into account before buying one.

Energy Savings to Get from High-Efficiency AC Systems

According to the latest results, 88% of the respondents are “satisfied” with their HVAC systems compared with other high-efficiency system alternatives. On the other hand, just 67 % of users are “dissatisfied” even if they did not end up buying the high-efficiency models. In case your system is getting older or you have had some problems recently, it would be better taking some time in the fall to do your research and talk to us about the best options for your home HVAC investments.

High-efficiency systems are not only much more developed but they also save energy and money. Also, pay attention to the size of the AC system you choose as it matters and a lot depends on the size of the item. For example, if it is too small, it will not keep up on the hottest days and if it is too large, it will cycle too much and cause wide swings in your indoor temperature. Check the humidity levels and pick the right one according to the place you live in.

Contact us to discuss your options and how we can help you to get the best ac system at the best investment for you.

Follow these Top Tips To Prepare Your System For The Fall

Tips for winter and fall to keep warm: Prepare the HVAC for the unfriendly season

What comes to your mind whenever the winter season draws closer? Chilly nights! Well, while in summer you enjoy an opportunity of saving HVAC costs, winter demands to turn on your air conditioning system. Undoubtedly, the HVAC makes chilly nights bearable making it the dearest equipment in the house at such a time. Imagine a situation where your HVAC is running poorly yet you badly need it. How would you switch from cooling to heating in the house? Winter is fast approaching, and it is the perfect time to maintain your air conditioning system.

Check the air filters

The efficiency and longevity of the HVAC system heavily depend on the state of its air filters. The air filters play a significant role in filtering dust and other contaminants before it gets to the HVAC system. Dirty filters block the flow of air and should, therefore, be made clean regularly. Check to see if the air filters are clogged, if yes; replace them once in 30 days to allow free flow of air. Make sure to have plenty of back-ups, so you don’t have to run to the store every time replacement is needed.

Check the thermostat

Transitioning from summer to fall or the winter means that you are moving from cooling to heating. While making a transition, it is essential to reprogram the thermostat and to make it easier you should consider purchasing a programmable thermostat and set it correctly. A programmable thermostat automatically lowers the heat any time you are away or even as you sleep.

Professional Inspection

Regular servicing is crucial for your HVAC system, which means that you should look for a qualified professional for service. Regular servicing ensures that the system is running correctly and makes it highly efficient in terms of energy consumption and functionality. You have the system inspected at least twice in a year, one for the winter and the other during summer. To prepare adequately for the winter season inspection is crucial since it can help identify defects and potential problems.

Closing Remarks

Demand for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system increase as the winter draws near.  Taking the tips and techniques discussed into action will make your system ready for the winter season



Is Installing A New AC System An Investment?

Is Installing A New AC System An Investment?

Installing an ac system
sPhotographer: Sharon McCutcheon | Source: Unsplash

One of the reasons why some homeowners do not want to get a new AC system is the investment it may require. That being said, air conditioning could actually save you money in the long run. So, even though you may have to put in an investment for the installation of your new system, a good air-conditioning system can save you money too. If you are curious how, be sure to read on.

Replacing AC Systems Over Ten Years Old

It does not need to be said that air conditioners of a certain age become less efficient. New technologies are constantly coming out, making the later models more energy-efficient and frankly better at their primary function, cooling your home. If you have an air conditioning system that is older than ten years, it could be advised to consult an AC technician to evaluate how much you could save with a new system.

is installing a new ac system an investment

While there are many things that can be different when you compare a new air conditioner to one you installed over ten years ago, one of the best ways to evaluate the efficiency of your current system is by looking at the so-called SEER rating. SEER is an abbreviation for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, which basically determines how efficient your AC works in terms of energy. Evidently, the higher the rating, the more cost-effective it will be to run.

Most AC systems that were installed ten years ago had an average SEER rating of 7. However, new systems have a whopping SEER rating of 13 up to 15! Evidently, this means you could save to almost 50% by installing a new system in your home or business.

How Do I Know I Need To Replace The AC System In My Home Or Business?

is installing a new ac system a good investment
Install A New Ac If You Have Issues

While the SEER rating could be one of your primary motivations in installing a new AC system, there can be some signs that your air conditioning system is hopelessly out of date. In fact, your AC system could actually be costing you more than you are willing to spend on a new AC. So, let us look at some of the indicators of an outdated AC.

Frequent repairs – This is one of the clearest signs that it is time for a new system. If you need to call out your technician on a regular basis – and your air conditioning is relatively old – it is time for an upgrade.

Inefficient operation – If your aircon is a little older, it is possible that it has become inefficient at cooling down your home or business effectively. Evidently, this can lead to certain rooms being too warm and others being too cold.

Low SEER rating – Comparing your current system with some of the later models can provide more insight too, as we explained earlier. If there is a significant difference between the SEER rating of your current system and the latest models, an upgrade will be in order.

How Will The Installation Of A New Air Conditioning Save Money?

ac repair orlando 1

As we mentioned in the introduction, investing in a new air conditioning and the installation cost may be enough to put many home and business owners off from purchasing their new system. However, the installation of your new system will save your money. Here is how it will be more cost-efficient.

Lower energy bills – If your air conditioning is not as efficient as it should, it needs to use a considerable amount of energy to cool your home or business. Subsequently, this could lead to higher electricity bills. Therefore, the installation of a newer and more energy-efficient system will save you a lot of money on your energy bills over time.

Better thermostat control – When you have a less efficient aircon system, it is not unusual to turn down the thermostat all the time. Once again, this causes your system to work harder and use more energy than it really should.

Even though better thermostat control ties in with your lower energy bills, this perk is also a matter of convenience. With a newer system, you do not have to mess around with the thermostat as much, and you will be more comfortable to boot!

Avoid expensive repairs – Since older systems have a tendency to break down a lot more than newer options, you can avoid repair costs by installing a new system. While a single repair visit from your technician does not necessarily break the bank, it does become a problem when you have to call out the technician several times a year. If you count up all those repair costs and possible replacement parts that were needed to fix your system, you will find that you could have easily installed a new system for much less.

Energy-Efficient Solutions From Armstrong Air

If you are thinking about installing a new ac system to save yourself some money, you can always count on the expert team of technicians at Armstrong Air. By using our technicians, you can count on an expert evaluation of your home or business, which will lead to a new AC installation with maximum efficiency. If you are tired of paying too much for repairs or simply want a more efficient system, be sure to give us a call!

Will Your HVAC System Last Past Its Prime?

Will Your HVAC System Last Past Its Prime?

HVAC System
Photographer: Tim Mossholder | Source: Unsplash

HVAC systems are quite expensive to buy and install and can create a significant dent in your pocket. So when you’re buying an HVAC system, you might want to know how long your AC system will last! After all, as with any other asset, you need to have stability and peace of mind that the asset you’re investing into will take care of you for quite a few years.

AC System
Photographer: Andrik Langfield | Source: Unsplash

A new HVAC system can last anywhere between fifteen and twenty years, although the exact age may depend on quite a few factors. Some HVAC systems may even give up the ghost within ten years, if specific factors such as maintenance are neglected. As a rule of thumb, the higher the maintenance provided, the longer your HVAC is home to stay.

Within HVAC systems, furnaces and heat pumps tend to have longer lifetimes as compared to air conditioners. This is because furnaces may have lesser moving parts than air conditioners. Also, furnaces tend to be heavy-duty items whereas air conditioners are more precision than heavy-duty.

What are the other factors that determine the life-span of a normal HVAC system?

Factors That Affect Your HVAC System’s Age

A few of the factors that affect HVAC systems are:

AC Maintenance

When it comes to HVAC systems, it’s easy to ensure yours lasts as long as you want it to if you maintain it well! Most HVAC systems do well with a bi-annual tune-up where moving components are lubricated, filters are changed and drainage systems are cleaned. When you maintain your HVAC system by cleaning all the debris surrounding the outdoor unit of your air conditioner or furnace and clean the fins, you’re helping to ensure that your HVAC system lasts long!

HVAC Installation

When it comes to installation, an HVAC system shows how it’s worth its weight in gold! A properly installed HVAC system can go on for years and years, whereas a poorly installed HVAC system may well give up within a few years of its entry into your home. Poor installation can cause the components of the HVAC system to give up faster, which will require you to replace it earlier than its lifespan would otherwise be. This is why you have to buy your HVAC system from a proper, licensed dealer and then ensure that you find a licensed technician with great hvac testimonials to come in and install it for you!

Size of Load

When you have an HVAC system which doesn’t fit your needs, it may end up either over-compensating or leading to higher losses in power, thus reducing its lifespan by quite a few years. For example: If you have a small air conditioner which you use to provide cooling for the whole house, the air conditioner is likely to run down within a few years, thus not reaching its life expectancy. On the other hand, if you have a central HVAC which is quite large and is installed into a smaller house which doesn’t require all of its power, the air conditioner is likely to over-compensate and switch on and off as per the thermostat readings, thus wearing out the compressor within faster. Once the compressor is worn out, the air conditioner will have to either be replaced or you’ll be faced with changing the compressor, which is a very costly repair venture.

Operating Conditions

The operating condition is one of the biggest factors that affects the life of HVAC systems. In general, cooler climates with lower humidity help air conditioners last longer and needing less maintenance than hot climates with high levels of humidity. Hotter, humid climates require greater power inputs and regular air filter changes. The condensing coils also perform at higher power thus leading to the compressor wearing out faster.

Ways to Make Your HVAC System Last Longer

If you want your HVAC system to last past its prime, it’s time to treat it like the baby in the house! Just like a baby, your HVAC system requires continuous attention in the form of regular maintenance and general cleanups. Your HVAC system lasts longer if you give it time between utilization.

If it’s winter, your furnace will keep running for days at a stretch which may affect its heat pump. For optimization, it may help to turn it off when you’re not in the house. The same is true for summer: air conditioners which are on full-time tend to have a decreased life span since power efficiency gradually lowers with time.

So all you need to do is maintain your HVAC system if you want it to go past its prime and serve you well!

Finance Your New HVAC System With No Money Down

Finance Your New HVAC System With No Money Down

Young woman holding money.
Photographer: Sharon McCutcheon | Source: Unsplash

Summer’s just around the corner and your current outdated HVAC System suddenly hits the dust. You may want to sit down and have a good cry. Summer temperatures this year are predicted to be higher than ever. You don’t have the money to finance your new HVAC system, and you don’t really know how you’ll survive the summer without a proper HVAC system in place. Worry not. This is the type of situation that calls for you to finance your new HVAC System, and with a low monthly payment plan.

No Money Down

A no money down low monthly payment plan is just that. It’s a financial projection that enables you to get the new HVAC system you need and is easy on your pocket. Technically, this is how it works: You decide which type of new HVAC system you want. You cab apply through your Armstrong Air and heating representative, and watch as your brand-new state-of-the-art HVAC system is installed by the experts. you pay nothing to start off with.

Let’s look at the benefits of financing your new HVAC System with no money down and a low monthly payment plan.

A Real No Down Payment for your HVAC System

One of the benefits of being able to finance your new HVAC System with no money down is the fact that you don’t have pay immediately.

Imagine being able to choose the best HVAC system on the market. Imagine having it installed in your home without being even slightly out of pocket.

Getting your new HVAC system without having to make a down payment saves you from the worry of wondering where the money will come from to replace your old, outdated, HVAC system. After all, you want to be cool before the hot, humid, muggy months arrives in Florida.

Low Monthly Payments

The scary part of installing a new HVAC system is the finance. Will your budget stretch to getting an HVAC system which is just right for your property?

ac repair orlando 2
Low Monthly Payments

Current costs being what they are, it’s an opportune plan to finance it with low monthly payments. This enables you to stretch your salary to other payments as well; be it car loan payments, mortgage payments etc. With a low monthly payment plan that stretches out over a few years, you can easily sort out your finances and opt for a great HVAC system.

High Efficiency HVAC Systems

Another key benefit of getting to finance your new HVAC System with low monthly payments is the fact that you can opt for a new, high efficiency HVAC system. This, in turn, will reduce your utility bill by a considerable amount as compared to your current one.

Older HVAC systems usually have a host of issues such as lack of refrigerant, dirty air filters, and poor airflow within the air conditioner, thus making them more expensive than installing a new one with high efficiencies at no down payment!

No Prepayment Penalties

At Armstrong Air, when you finance your new HVAC System with no money down, one of the benefits is the lack of prepayment penalties. So if you want to put your annual bonus towards paying off your HVAC plan early, you won’t have to pay any fees.

Usually, most lenders charge a percentage of your remaining balance as a prepayment penalty, which ends up with you dipping into your pockets but if you want to finance your new HVAC System through Armstrong Air, you actually end up saving on these fees!

Availability of Generous Credit Lines

Armstrong Air offers you a chance to finance your new HVAC System with no money down. This facility also extends to a generous credit line. The benefit of this is that there’s no interest charged on your finance plan unless you actually borrow. This helps you sort out your finances as you go ahead with the installation of your new HVAC system.

With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why there’s plenty to be saved when you finance your new HVAC System with no money down!




What To Consider Before Installing a New HVAC System

What To Consider Before Installing a New HVAC System

Many homeowners are looking at a new HVAC system to make their surroundings a little more comfortable. While an air conditioning system may seem quite straightforward, there are some things everyone should consider before selecting their system and having it installed. If you are currently considering having a new HVAC system installed, here are some of the factors you must incorporate.

Installation Price Of Your New HVAC System

ac repair orlando 3
AC Installation

Before installing an HVAC system, most people will look at the price of the system first, but forget to incorporate the cost of installation. In some cases, installers may have to make some changes to the home, which could lead to additional costs for your air conditioning installation. Also, remember the cheapest system is not always what will save you money.

To ensure you get the full price tag of your new HVAC system, it can be a good idea to contact a company who can provide you with the system as well as the installation services. Before you commit to anything, always ask for a quote that includes the cost of the system as well as installation and don’t forget the maintenance. When you use Armstrong Air and Heating, we make sure that everything and every possible avenue is covered.

The Right Ductwork For Your HVAC Unit

ac repair orlando 4
Credit: https://jetductwork.co.uk/

The correct ductwork is required to transport cool air throughout the system, so the ductwork in your home must be able to perform this task. Some homeowners will encounter additional repair costs to prepare their ductwork for air conditioning tasks; this includes resealing of seams and joints. Thus, you can avoid unwelcome surprises by having the ductwork in your home inspected beforehand. Make sure you understand how important your ductwork is and do not make the mistake of trying to cut corners. If you are building a new home in the Orlando area, make sure to talk to us in order to get the right system for your home and make sure all work is up to scratch, this will save you money in the long-term.

Available Space For A New Air Conditioning System

ac repair orlando 5
Credit: http://lovehome.com.sg/

While this is somewhat of a no-brainer, the available space in your home will determine the type of air conditioning system you require; this relates to capacity as well as overall effectiveness. Of course, professionals can determine the requirements more easily, especially if you chose an experienced service such as Armstrong Air.

Get Some Add-Ons

new air conditioning system
New HVAC System Additions Will Ease Your Life

Homeowners who have some money left in the air conditioning budget could consider add-ons to make their HVAC system even more efficient and convenient. Living in Florida can be a bit hard on the allergy front, but thankfully we have you covered. Consider a quality Air Purification system that is built right into your new system. From additional remote control options to making your air conditioner start from outside the home; these are all features that could be add-ons on your existing system. If you wish to get more from your current air conditioning system, you can also speak to the team at Armstrong Air to discover add-ons for your system.

Vent Covers – 3 Reasons You Can’t Ignore Them

Vent Covers – 3 Reasons You Can’t Ignore Them

Air vents and vent covers are an integral part of a HVAC system. They help with proper ventilation and distribution of hot/cold air throughout your home. If you ignore air vents, you they could hurt your wallet as well as your comfort.

How vent covers help?

Air vents have covers that help you to close and open the vent. They provide your HVAC system with proper airflow. It’s through these vents that air reaches all the corners of your centrally air conditioned home.

Here are three reasons you can’t ignore air vent covers in your home and office.

1.    Control the airflow and ventilation for maximum comfort

Air vent covers allow you to control the amount of air you want in a particular space in your home. For example, you may want to open air vent covers in your lounge when everyone is gathered there for a party. At the same time, you may want to close the vents to of your bedroom since it’s going to be empty for the full night. Similarly, vent covers allow you to allow air to come through partially.

By using vents properly, you can easily control air ventilation and airflow through your home and increase comfort levels.

2.    Reduce your energy bills

Air vent covers allow you to control airflow in a HVAC system. It means you can easily control how much stress you put on your HVAC system. Did you realize that is the easiest way to control your energy bills?

With air vent covers, you can reduce airflow to certain parts of your home and stop unnecessary load on your HVAC system. When your system has to work less, you know exactly what happens next.

Work done = Energy consumed

With less work done, less energy will be consumed. It will show up on your energy bills.

3.    Improve your room’s décor

Air vents will not only help with airflow and proper ventilation, they will also improve your room’s décor. You will find various types and sizes of vent covers in the market. That means you can easily find what suits your room style scheme.

Types of vents – What to buy?

When you go out there to buy vents for your HVAC system, it’s important to know types of vents first. When you know the type of vent, you will easily find an appropriate cover for it. Any standard HVAC system will have two types of vents.

  1. Supply vents:
    They allow air to enter the room. By opening or closing them, you can control the airflow of incoming air. They are located on the outer walls. Match them to your windows and they will look pleasing on the eye, when buying covers for these vents.
  2. Return vents:
    These vents return the air to the HVAC system. They are located in your room on the interior wall. You have a huge variety of colors, styles, and patterns when buying these vents.

Don’t ignore air vents and their covers. They look great but more importantly; they help your HVAC system keep air flowing properly. At Armstrong Air, we suggest you think seriously about buying high-quality vent covers.

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