Carrier Mini Split

Carrier Mini Split Air Conditioning Sytems In Orlando, FL


Florida residents know how miserable life can get without air conditioning. The heat, wind and humidity can make it really unpleasant to go outside on some days. Your family deserves a house where the temperature is always comfortable. But what if traditional air conditioning isn’t possible in your house?

Staying comfortable in a house without air conditioning can be a real challenge. It’s also more common than many people think. There are quite a few older buildings and residences in the Orlando area which don’t have ductwork, so air conditioning just isn’t an option.

Even more common are various rooms which, for a variety of reasons, just don’t get the proper circulations. These include enclosed sunrooms, classrooms, attics, basements, offices and anywhere else where traditional air conditioning just can’t reach effectively.

Instead of closing these rooms off, or just not using them, there is another option: Carrier Electric Air Conditioning

Refreshing Air Contitioning Anywhere

The Carrier Electric Air Conditioning unit is also known as a mini-split or split-zoning. It regulates internal air temperature but doesn’t require ductwork. It’s perfect for spot cooling and heating.

The unit has three main components. An indoor unit is mounted in the room you want to cool and heat. An outdoor unit is mounted on the exterior of your house. The two units are connected with refrigerant lines and a few electrical connections. From there, you simply operate the remote control to cool or warm the room as you desire.

Easy Solutions for All Spaces

It’s a pretty easy solution to an often-perplexing problem. Now every room in your house, office or commercial building can be a comfortable temperature, regardless of the layout.

Each unit is equipped with an anti-allergen filter, so it doesn’t just provide warm and cool air, it also provides fresh air and reduces allergens. Additionally, the units can be zone-controlled, so every room can be a different, comfortable temperature.

The mini-splits run on R410A refrigerant, which means they’re environmentally-friendly with zero Ozone Depletion Potential. So you can heat and cool any space without harming the environment. Plus, the units are quiet, unobtrusive and stylish.

The units are designed to last for years and years, and require very little maintenance. They’re extremely versatile and fit just about anywhere. They’re also very durable, which is a must in Florida’s climate.

Orlando Trusts Armstrong Air & Heating

For 35 years, Orlando has turned to Armstrong Air for all their heating and cooling solutions. We understand the unique Florida climate and how it can affect HVAC systems. The Florida sun, rain and wind can wreck all sorts of HVAC systems, which is why you want to turn to a local company who understands how to deal with this unique climate.

At Armstrong, we believe every family should be comfortable in their home. We offer estimates as well as an Energy Analysis. In addition, we offer interest free financing and low monthly payments. Ask us for details. At Armstrong Air and Heating, we don’t just get the job done right, we get it done right the first time.

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