The Truth About Service Agreements

The Truth About Service Agreements


Air conditioning disasters are the absolute worst in Florida. 

Just the absolute worst, a sticky mess of stress, emotional instability, and impending clouds of doom. But here’s the thing—and we’d like to shout this loudly, so we don’t have to repeat it—MOST DISASTERS CAN BE AVOIDED!

Yes, sorry for the volume, but it’s true. Most HVAC emergencies are the result of degradation and neglect—two things that are completely in your power to control, especially with a little help from your friends at Armstrong Air & Heating. 

Enter: The Service Agreement

Simply put, this is just a little contract we sign to come out and regularly maintain your equipment. We’re going to lubricate it, clean it, test it, stretch it, inspect it, wiggle it, shine lights on it, and generally give it a full doctor’s checkup. 

We’ll keep everything in top working conditions for longer than can be expected, and we’ll keep an eye out for small repairs that will save you bundles of cash in disaster relief.

Call us today at 407-877-8090 (or click on that handy link above) to chat with us about setting up the right service agreement for you!