We Won (Another) Pulse of the City News Award!

We Won (Another) Pulse of the City News Award!

An Open Letter To the Pulse of the City News Award Committee:

Thank you!


Genuinely, thank you—we are so proud to call ourselves a 2022 Pulse of the City News Award-Winner, and we’re absolutely honored to add another customer-service accolade to our trophy case (Pulse of the City News, can you believe we’ve been doing this dance since 2014?!).

We love that you see us. That you recognize our commitment to over-deliver excellence to our customers on a daily basis—something we’ve built the foundation of our business on. Most people just see us for our elite quality, our 24/7 availability, our outstanding electrical services and full range of residential and commercial expertise.

But not you. You saw those near-perfect ratings online (4.8 on Google, 4.6 on Facebook, 4.0 on Yelp!) and knew that at Armstrong, we keep people cool in the hottest of times

You noticed our informational blogs, chatted with our friendly staff and realized that HVAC could be more than a transaction. Maybe you realized that we started offering electrical services specifically so folks could have an easier time, or maybe you noticed our Keep S-Cool community service event. Honestly? We’d be shocked if you didn’t take all of that into consideration.

So thank you, and from the bottom of our hearts— we can’t wait to hear from you next year!