Florida COVID Cases Are Rising, We’re Still Fighting

Florida COVID Cases Are Rising, We’re Still Fighting

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The world encounters a crisis it had not seen in over a century, a pandemic. While some areas have the coronavirus pandemic under control, others are encountering an increase in Florida COVID cases. This unfortunately applies to Florida.

florida covid cases

Armstrong continues to fight the Coronavirus crisis, providing protection for its staff as well as its valued customers. To ensure our customers can continue to protect themselves against this horrible virus, we have created a quick overview of tips on how to protect yourself.

Keep Your Distance

Keeping some distance between yourself and people outside of your household is the best way to protect yourself against the coronavirus in public. Ideally, you should keep a distance of at least two meters or approximately 6.5 feet.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to keep this distance in public. However, there are some stores that still encourage this distancing rule in their shop. So, if you have the option, always choose this environment over others.

Social distancing also applies inside your home, for example, if you have an HVAC technician come over to fix your system. This is more to protect yourself than anything else. You could also request that your technician wears a face mask for the duration of his visit. You can also provide some hand sanitizer before allowing entry in your home.

Armstrong Takes Regular Precautions To Fight Florida COVID Cases

All of our staff take serious precautions to ensure safety for you and for us. For example, we disinfect our trucks, our tools, and all of our equipment. We wash thoroughly and we ware protective PPE to protect you and ourselves. We also take precautions as we work to ensure we get you back up and running or complete out work as fast as possible. You can rest easy knowing that we care for you and are doing our very best to protect you and us. Call us if you need HVAC service or emergency repair.

Hand Washing

Another great defense against the coronavirus is frequent hand washing for you and your children or other family members. It’s so easy to become relaxed with it, but you should wash your hands with soap and water for at least twenty seconds to help in declining the Florida COVID cases. Ideally, use the handwashing techniques used by healthcare professionals and keep your nails short. Otherwise, bacteria could still end up on your hands and cause infection

Assume Infection as Florida COVID Cases Are Rising

Assuming that you are infected with Coronavirus can protect others. There are many people who have shown to be infected but did not show any symptoms. Obviously, assuming you are a carrier and taking the necessary measures such as wearing a face mask in public can protect others.

Hand Sanitiser Gel

Since Florida COVID cases are rising, you come into contact with many surfaces such as doorknobs and car doors, carrying some hand sanitizer gel is definitely a good idea. For example, when you take a cab somewhere, make sure you use the sanitizer as soon as you get out of the vehicle. It is also recommended to use a face mask for the duration of your journey.

Continuing The Fight Against COVID

Armstrong continues the fight against COVID-19 by implementing the strongest rules and regulations for its staff. By doing so, we do not only protect our staff against this harmful virus but our customers as well. If you need an HVAC technician but are worried about Coronavirus, feel free to contact our team for some peace of mind. Also, contact us for special offers in Air Purification for your home or business.

We leave our homes so you can be cool in yours.