The REME HALO: Experience the Ultimate Home Air Purification System

The REME HALO: Experience the Ultimate Home Air Purification System

Air purification is becoming increasingly more important in this modern world and especially in Florida where there are so many allergens. Your home should be a place where you relax and unwind, not worry about odors and bacteria. Fortunately, the REME HALO is a system that could take all these worries away. If you have been thinking about a new HVAC system that incorporates air purification, be sure to read the information about the REME HALO below.

Does the REME HALO Work With My HVAC System?

The REME HALO is installed with your air conditioning system; this is done for a simple reason, since your air conditioning collects and releases air in and outside your home. By connecting to this part of your HVAC system, the REME HALO can purify the air in your home with maximum effectiveness.

When the air purifier is turned on, it produced ionized hydrogen peroxide molecules, which are then distributed to the air inside your home. When these molecules encounter bacteria or environmental pollutants, it will eliminate them quickly and effectively.

The molecules released by the air purifier also effect dust particles, which will start to connect to one another before they are absorbed by your air conditioning unit. Naturally, this enables your air conditioner to catch and eliminate these particles much better than without an air purification system inside the home.

What Is Special About the REME HALO?

For those of you not familiar with the REME HALO, it is a system that uses patented reflective electromagnetic energy technology. It fits on your existing air conditioning system or heating ducts, which means it can flawlessly be incorporated with your existing HVAC installation.

We must mention that REME HALO has even upgraded its existing units to maximize the output of ionized hydrogen peroxide. By increasing this amount, customers can count on a faster elimination of pollutants and bacteria, keeping their home clean and fresh.

The installation of the REME HALO is recommended for all homeowners, but especially for anyone who suffers from allergies or asthma. By pulling common causes of allergies and asthma attacks from the air inside your home, allergy and asthma suffers could experience a decrease in respiratory problems.

While there are some smaller air purifiers available these days, you must be able to obtain at least a dozen of them to keep the air in your home clean and pollutant-free. With the REME HALO, you tackle all the rooms in your home with one simple unit.

Where Can I Get the REME HALO for My Home?

Air Purification Is Necessary in Florida

Customers can contact Armstrong to provide a REME HALO installation. We also provide all HVAC installations, repairs, and maintenance and have won many awards for our customer care and service. If you find yourself in need of our services, do not hesitate to contact our expert team today!