Why You Should Never Use Your Oven to Heat Your Home

Why You Should Never Use Your Oven to Heat Your Home

Today, we’re busting a surprisingly persistent myth: Namely, that it’s possible—or remotely recommended—to heat your home with an oven or stovetop.

In February 2021, when catastrophic snowstorms struck Texas and Tennessee, the CDC even had to issue a statement warning folks against turning on their gas ovens in a desperate attempt to heat their homes. Let all of us at Armstrong Air & Heating add to the chorus by saying:

Not only is your stove or oven an extremely inefficient way to warm up your house, it’s also super unsafe. 

Let’s dig into why.

First, some simple logic: You wouldn’t leave the refrigerator door open instead of turning on your air conditioning, right? How can one appliance possibly affect the temperature of the air at the other end of a small apartment—let alone in a larger residence such as a multi-bedroom house? Expecting your oven to keep the whole house warm is just as far-fetched a notion. 

Next, think about the double dangers inherent in an oven or stovetop left turned on for a significant period of time. Leaving such an appliance unattended drastically raises your chances of experiencing a house fire. It’s just not worth it!

Finally, depending on your type of range and oven, you could well be introducing massive amounts of carbon monoxide into the air. Carbon monoxide is dangerous in large part because it is colorless and odorless. Unless your carbon-monoxide detectors are up to date (which they are, right?), misusing your oven or stove in this way is a potentially lethal time bomb.

This Florida winter, don’t make the mistake of thinking you won’t need a safe and fully functioning heating system. Armstrong Air & Heating is here to ensure you and your loved ones stay safe and cozy, no matter what these increasingly wild weather forecasts may bring. 

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