Demystifying Ductless A/C: Should You Ditch Your Window Unit?

Demystifying Ductless A/C: Should You Ditch Your Window Unit?

In our very best, most sincere Seinfeld voice: What’s the deal with ductless A/C?!?

We get this question more than you’d imagine, and frankly, it’s high time we discussed the air conditioning world’s youngest superstar—also known as the Ductless Mini-Split. 

Simply stated, ductless air conditioning uses a hybrid system to cool your home in powerful, targeted areas. It uses one outdoor unit and one indoor unit to generate temperature change (only working where and when you need it); it’s often wall-mounted and doesn’t need any ductwork at all. 

But what about the tried-and-true window unit? Is this really a better option? Read on below to see how ductless A/C stacks up against its window unit predecessors.

Ductless vs. Window Unit

In one corner: our sleek, new ductless options—and in the other, the classic window unit. Let’s compare and contrast a few key features to find the right fit for you.

Unit Cost | Window Unit 

Window units can cost anywhere between $150 and $1,700, but typically average around $640. Ductless units come in on the high side, ranging from $5,000 to $28,000 and averaging around $12,348.

Operating Cost | Ductless 

Take this with a caveat of: it depends on the specific unit you’re using. 

But, if we’re talking in generalities, ductless wins the day. Let’s assume you ran both units for 24 hours a day, 30 hours a month. 

Your ductless system would average around 430 kWh per month, while your window unit would draw nearly 600 kWh in the same time span.

Noise Level | Ductless

Window units are notorious for their constant buzz while in use; running at an average of 55 decibels, it’s akin to running an electric toothbrush next to your ear, a noise level slightly higher than moderate rainfall. Ductless units can be whisper-quiet inside your home.

Cooling Power | Ductless

Your ductless unit can be converted to cool multiple rooms in your home; even high-powered window units are typically only effective in one room of your home. The ability to install ductless units nearly anywhere in your home provides maximum flexibility, as well. One outdoor unit can power up to five different zones in your home.

X-Factor | Ductless Safety

Nobody is crawling into your home through the minuscule ductless opening; it’s impossible. A literal cat burglar? Maybe, but not any kind of human burglar. Window units, by their very nature, offer a wide gap and a security issue for your home (to say nothing of the creepy-crawly invaders that may sneak through).

Ductless A/C, Armstrong and You!

Any further questions on the efficient, power-saving properties of ductless air conditioning? Think it might be the next step in your home improvement journey? Have concerns about financing options? Armstrong Air & Electric has your back.

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