Debunking Three Red-Hot Summer Home-Cooling Tips

Debunking Three Red-Hot Summer Home-Cooling Tips

It’s back again friends—the raging Florida summer heat is upon us, promising a season of sunny skies and sweltering conditions.

You remember Summer, right? The season that turns the humble A/C unit into your best friend? Anyone who has lived through a Florida summer can attest to this, the power of cool air. In these extreme times, our homes become a refuge from the sultry, humid heat.

Naturally, as temperatures continue to rise, so does the hunt for efficient and energy-saving tips and tricks to keep your home cool for the summer without breaking the bank. 

Nobody wants to spend a fortune or overwork their A/C units—a simple internet search instantly reveals countless ideas for saving money. And sure, they might all sound good. But many are simply myths that continue to spread long past their usefulness.

Below we’ll debunk the top three most common myths seen across the Sunshine State, in order to help you keep cool without the hassle of fake advice.

Myth No. 1 | Turning off the A/C when nobody is home will save energy

Okay—we cheated a little.

This one is partially true, and it’s easy to see why this myth thrives through the ages. Because while it may seem like a waste to cool an empty house, continuously turning the A/C on and off throughout the day uses more energy as the unit works harder to bring the house back to a comfortable temperature. 

For homeowners in the market for more innovative solutions (combining efficiency with cost-cutting, it might be time to invest in a programmable thermostat. This will keep your house at an appropriate temperature at all times, therefore, saving you money and making sure you’re not overworking your A/C unit. 

If you’re having questions about your thermostat (or what kind of thermostat is right for your home), click here for our full guide on choosing the correct equipment

Myth No. 2 | Turning the thermostat extremely low will cool your home faster

Everyone has tried this at least once (likely out of extreme discomfort), but most air conditioners simply do not work to match speed with the thermostat temperature.  The fan inside of a typical air conditioner only contains one speed, which means that no matter how low you crank the thermostat, the house will cool at the same pace.

Myth No. 3 | Closing air vents will improve your efficiency 

While this may seem like a good idea, most HVAC systems are designed to evenly keep airflow throughout the entire house based on the size of the space. 

Air conditioning systems are not able to recognize closed vents, which means that closing off an entire area will cause the unit to use more energy as it still tries to get air to that space.

The Summer’s Best Trick for Staying Cool

It all starts with a healthy HVAC system, making sure that your AC is working properly—it’ll save you hours of pointless research, headache-inducing screen time, and potential damage.

Our 21-point service at just $79 might be the best trick out there to insure your house is cool and efficient.

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