Can I Water My Plants with A/C Runoff?

Can I Water My Plants with A/C Runoff?

In a world of high utility bills and water scarcity, we’re all doing what we can to cut costs and conserve resources—which makes each and every little victory a thing to marvel at. 

And this week’s quick Life Pro Tip from your friendly neighborhood HVAC company? Try watering your plants with A/C runoff. It’s safe, it’s convenient, and it was probably headed into the ground somewhere anyway; why not direct it to fuel something beautiful?

We’re sure you have questions, so let’s cover the bases real quick. 

Hey, are you crazy?! This doesn’t sound safe. What kind of water is this, anyway?

Good news, everyone! Your HVAC produces pure condensate water, water produced through condensation. It’s the same kind you’d find on the outside of a cool glass of iced tea—heck, you could drink it, in theory.


Hey—we said in theory! You probably shouldn’t, especially if you haven’t kept your drain lines properly cleaned, but here’s the thing: this water is so pure that it doesn’t have any chlorine in it, unlike the common tap.

Which makes it good for plants?

Which makes it good for plants. Chlorine (even in small traces) can dry out your plants in a hurry—just ask anyone who has gone through the hell that is prayer plant ownership!

Okay, this sounds wonderful. I can direct my drain lines to help irrigate my plants in a healthy way. Anything to watch out for?

Excessive outflow means there is something wrong with your HVAC system. If you’re dealing with more than a trickle, you need to have your unit serviced for potential issues. Additionally, you’ll want to wait 14 days after any chemical coil cleaning before using the water again!

How Armstrong Can Help

If you’re experiencing excess overflow, have questions about directing your drain line, or just need to have your HVAC serviced to keep it in tip-top shape, give us a call at 1-800-AC-REPAIR for a FREE consultation!