Air Conditioning Money Saving Tips For Summer

Air Conditioning Money Saving Tips For Summer

Air Conditioning Money Saving Tips That You Can Use Today

Hotter summers make people seek air conditioners to beat the heat. This usually results in high electricity bills drilling up holes in our pockets. Instead of crying over the bills, we should find smarter ways to save ourselves from the wrath of the sun. All it takes is to take care of a few factors to cut down the summer expenditure. Here is Armstrong’s selected list that reveals air conditioning money saving tips that will keep heat out of your home during this summer.

  • Seeking the shelter of plants and trees: The first way to beat the summer heat is to plant more trees around the house and seek the nature’s shelter. Plants not only help in blocking the rays of the sun but also helps in promoting a healthier and cleaner environment.
  • Substituting air conditioners with fans: Try using energy efficient fans instead of AC to keep you cool whenever possible.
  • Blocking the transmission of heat: Glasses transmit sun’s rays into the house and heats up the interiors. Substitute normal glasses in windows with heat reflective glasses or use solar screens on your windows to keep out the heat from your home.
  • Minimizing the internal heating: Usage of incandescent bulbs in a room can heat the room up. Switch to CFL to avoid this. Electrical appliances like computer also generates heat and so do stove tops and ovens. Try to limit the usage of these devices during summer.
  • Buying the right air conditioner: Purchasing the wrong air conditioner can empty your pockets in the long run due to the high electricity bills. Air conditioners should be chosen according to the size of the room it plans to serve and the energy efficiency of the appliance. Make sure that the AC is having high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). The higher these ratings the more energy efficient the device will be.
  • Maintaining the AC filter clean: A blocked AC filter can obstruct the air movements which in turn results in lower cooling. So make sure that the filters are cleaned regularly.
  • Choosing the optimum temperature: The higher the temperature of the air conditioner, the lower the energy it consumes. So choose optimum temperatures for your comfort. Try to switch off the AC at night as the atmosphere cools up during night hours.
  • Lighter colors for a cooler space: Choose lighter colors to paint the exterior of the house as dark colors absorb heat and increase the temperature of the house.
  • Cook outdoors: Cooking can turn up the heat in the house. Cooking outdoors can reduce the build-up of heat inside. Go for barbecue grills or any other outdoor alternative for cooking whenever possible.
  • Camping in the basement: Basements will be comparatively cooler during summers. So moving to the basement part of the home to escape the heat is a good idea to conserve energy and reduce energy costs.
  • Stopping air leaks: A ventilator or similar structures can cause air leaks and increase the time required by the air conditioner for cooling the ambience and can also result in lower cooling. So close the spaces causing air leaks to avoid longer time for cooling.


These air conditioning money saving tips can be really effective in bringing down the usage of air conditioners and cutting down the energy costs. Start practicing.

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