5 Indoor Air-Quality Tips for Winter

5 Indoor Air-Quality Tips for Winter

It’s beginning to look a lot like…time to start spending more time indoors. There’s no better time than right now to make sure your indoor air quality is as fresh and clean as possible. When you try one or more of the following tips, you’ll be breathing easy before you know it.

  1. Winter cleaning. Sure, spring cleaning gets all the glory. However, you’ll actually want to be sure your home stays its cleanest during the winter months. That’s because there’s less natural air circulation than in warmer weather, when we all find ourselves opening windows and doors more frequently. As the weather chills, double down on mopping, vacuuming, and wiping down surfaces.
  2. Check your carbon-monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide—which is produced in tiny amounts by your stove, grill, car or truck, fireplace, gas range, and furnace—is no joke. To keep your loved ones safe and sound, make sure those detectors have fresh batteries and are functioning properly.
  3. Reconsider scented products. The truth hurts: There are a lot of questionable chemicals in scented candles, incense, and air fresheners alike. If you’re concerned about air quality in your home—and especially if yours is a small living space—think twice before loading your cart with those oh-so-cozy vibes.
  4. Add a houseplant or two. Finally, a “fun” tip! While plants won’t significantly improve indoor air quality, they do remove low levels of pollutants from the air. And, if you’re regularly watering them, houseplants can even act as a natural humidifier. No harm in testing out that green thumb! 
  5. Clean out vents and ducts. Dust (and pet hair, if you’ve got furry friends) loves to accumulate in and around your HVAC vents and returns. Some of these system components parts do require periodic professional attention, so call Armstrong Air and Electrical today for a full servicing—we’re at 1-800-AC-REPAIR.