Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

Air Conditioning Troubleshooting


Florida Weather Demands Quality A/C

Everybody who lives in Florida knows the importance of having a working air conditioner in your home. At Armstrong Air, we’re homeowners, too — so we understand how frustrating problems with your A/C can be.

Fortunately, we have factory-trained professionals available 24 hours a day. If your air conditioning unit stops working, or does anything strange or unexpected, contact us right away. We’ll keep your family cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Air Conditioning Quick Fixes, Easy Solutions

If you experience a problem with your HVAC unit, there are a few simple ways you can investigate the issue. Note that these fixes are only a temporary measure until a professional can check out your unit.


A/C Thermostat Display is Blank

This is a pretty common problem with digital thermostats. First, make sure the batteries in the thermostat are working. If that’s not the problem, it might be a problem with your breakers. There are two circuits which could be tripped: the indoor air handlers and the outdoor condensing unit. Simply re-setting the tripped circuit should get the unit running again. If the problem seems to be unrelated to either batteries or tripped circuits, however, it’s best to call us. Electrical problems can be dangerous to fix yourself if you don’t have the proper experience.


Air Conditioner isn’t Cooling

First, make sure it’s not a problem with your thermostat display (see above). Next, check your filters. Dirty filters are a common cause of A/C unit problems. They can slow down the unit, or even freeze it up entirely.

If you’ve inserted a clean filter and the unit still doesn’t work, the next place to check is the air grilles around your house. Make sure they’re open and obstruction-free.

If the thermostat and grilles seem to be in good shape, the best course of action is to call us for a inspection. At this point, you’re most likely dealing with an internal mechanical problem, and that’s not something you want to tackle without the proper training.


The Temperature of my House is Inconsistent

This condition happens in homes with “zone comfort systems.” Ideally, a zone comfort system is a great way to set different temperatures for different rooms. If there’s a room in your house which is a wildly different temperature than the rest of your house, however, there could be a problem with the zone settings on your thermostat.

Before you call us, check the contents of the room itself. Sometimes many electronics in a small space can make a room too hot. The opposite is true, too, as sometimes a lack of insulation or an air leak can let in cold air from the outside. If that doesn’t fix the problem, however, it’s probably an issue with the A/C unit.


Next Steps

If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t attempt to fix your air conditioner yourself. It’s one of the most sophisticated (and expensive) components in your entire house, so diagnostics and repairs are best left to the professionals.

With 35 years of experience, we’re well equipped to handle any type of air conditioning issue. We offer consultations, so it never costs you to schedule an appointment. Based in Winter Garden, we proudly serve the surrounding communities of Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg and all of Orange County. We also service many neighboring states, including Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia.

At Armstrong Air and Heating, we don’t just get it right. We get it right the first time. It’s comfort your whole family can count on!

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