COVID-19 : What We Are Doing To Protect You?

COVID-19 : What We Are Doing To Protect You?

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As a large business, it is our responsibility to keep our customers and our staff safe during the COVID-19 crisis. To inform and customers about our actions during the COVID-19 crisis, we have summarized our most important steps below.

Three-Tiered COVID-19 Protection

Armstrong Air uses three-tiered protection to ensure its staff and customers are safe during the COVID-19 crisis. This three-tiered protection applies to the office, the field, and our technicians.

How We Look After Our Technicians

To ensure our technicians are safe and protected, but also to make sure they do not spread COVID-19 among our customers, our technicians are submitted to regular health checks and receive the correct PPE for the job.

Technicians must undergo daily health checks to guarantee their health and that of our customers. The health check includes a questionnaire and temperature checks. Each of these is recorded and kept at the office.

In addition to the health check, Armstrong Air provides its technicians with the appropriate PPE; this includes goggles, masks, booties, and gloves. Our technicians use their PPE continuously while on the job.

During the COVID-19 crisis, our HVAC technicians use their personal sanitation protection, this includes a disinfectant provided by Armstrong. Our trucks are also disinfected with an EPA approved COVID-19 killing substance, more specifically a chemical fogger that treats the entire vehicle effectively.

Please note that all PPE is disposed of properly after each visit; this is done to protect cross-contamination. There is also additional tech support for our technicians in the office.

Protection At The Office


We also aim to keep our office staff safe, who are subject to the same health checks as our technicians. These health checks are also executed on a daily basis.

To ensure only a minimum of staff is present at the office, we rotate the schedule so there are only ten or fewer people in the office. Each member of staff is also in their own office with a closed door, this ensures human contact is kept to an absolute minimum in our workplace. If a member of staff does need to speak to someone else, the phone lines with dedicated extensions are used.

Our office equipment is also been cleaned on a daily basis; this includes wiping down all office equipment with Lysol wipes. Staff also keeps a distance from one another of at least 6 feet at all times.

The office staff also receives some PPE on the job; this includes masks and gloves. Please note that our technicians do not come to the office during the COVID-19 crisis.

Questions Or Concerns?

Armstrong Air is using extraordinary measures to keep their employees and members of the public safe. If you want to hire our services or have some questions or concerns about COVID-19, feel free to contact our team by calling 407-877-8090 today!