How To Increase Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency

How To Increase Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency

While upgrading your air conditioning system is the best way to keep it at maximum efficiency, there are other things you can do to increase your air conditioner’s efficiency, which do not cost you anything. So, if you want to expand the lifespan of your air conditioner for another year, here are some of our top tips and hints to get the most from your AC.

Keep the Outdoor Condenser Unit Clear!

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One of the biggest mistakes made by homeowners is not clearing the area around the outdoor condenser unit. Even if you do not store anything near your unit, debris such as leaves can come to lay around your outdoor AC unit. When this happens, the efficiency of your air conditioning unit goes down tremendously. It could even cause some technical problems with your AC system down the line. So, before you do anything else, always clean the area around your unit.

Keep Indoor Vents Free from Dust

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While it is pretty self-explanatory that dust could affect the efficiency of your AC, cleaning the indoor vents is a task many people forget. When the AC is installed, people often forget it is even there. Of course, once the air conditioning no longer functions properly, homeowners often find a large amount of accumulated dust. Naturally, you could increase the lifespan of any AC unit by keeping it free of dust and debris.

Adjust Your Thermostat

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Homeowners who cannot afford to upgrade their air conditioning system yet can save some money by adjusting their thermostat. It helps to put the thermostat down a little in the winter and up in the summer. If you have a modern thermostat with programmable features, you can easily schedule these in too.

Keep Warm Objects Away from Your Thermostat!

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Placing warm objects near your thermostat could cause your air conditioning to work more than it has too. Remember, the thermostat is the part of your cooling and heating system that determines the need for AC or heating. Thus, always make sure that your thermostat can obtain an accurate temperature.

Make Use of Your Curtains

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The world was not always blessed with the convenience of air conditioning. Fortunately, there are some simple tips from those days you can still use today to keep the cost of air conditioning down.

During extremely hot days, it is always best to keep those curtains closed. Closed curtains will block some of the warm sun rays that would otherwise enter your home. While your air conditioning will still have to work to some degree – no pun intended – you can save a little on your bill by closing the curtains during the day.

If You Can’t Increase The Air Conditioner’s Efficiency It’s Time To Upgrade Your AC System

We may have provided you with some outstanding tips today on how to Increase your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency, but air conditioning systems that are too old can cost you more than you are willing to spend. Sometimes it is better to make an investment in a new system, since this will save you a lot more money in the long run. Contact the experts at Armstrong Air & Heating today at 407-877-8090 to find out how you can make your AC system more efficient!