Book Your 21-Point HVAC Inspection Before Hurricanes Hit!

Book Your 21-Point HVAC Inspection Before Hurricanes Hit!

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A hurricane can cause a lot of problems for your home, this includes causing damage to your AC system. In order to be prepared, you should always book your 21-point HVAC inspection before the storm hits. Of course, there are other preparations you can do to minimize the chance of your AC getting damaged. If you want to know what those are, be sure to check our overview below.

Consider A Loss Of Power

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A loss of power is not uncommon during a hurricane and this could obviously cause your AC to stop working. Therefore, it is essential to cool your home before the hurricane hits, especially with the increase in humidity that is coming your way. An HVAC inspection is one step to make sure your equipment is in perfect working order.

Before the hurricane, put your thermostat down a bit and make sure that your blinds, doors and windows are closed; this will get the temperature just right before the hurricane comes and you can spend it comfortably.

Electricity Safety

Safety is paramount before and during a hurricane. One of the things to do is to disconnect your unit from the mains. Alternatively, you could also turn off electricity all together before the hurricane hits. As you may know, a hurricane can cause electricity to surge, damaging your electrical equipment. Shutting the whole system down is therefore the recommended approach.

Protect Your Outside Unit

You should always protect your outside unit against flying debris, but this is not always easy to do when you are dealing with heavy winds that could even blow that protection away. Most people will use a durable tarp and secure it, although this does not provide ample protection against heavier objects. You could also use some durable plywood, but always make sure that the plywood is secured in place; this will provide you with more protection against flying branches and other debris that could cause more serious damage.

When you secure your outdoor unit, you should also remove any garden furniture and put it in a safe location. When wind speeds pick up, the wind could move your garden furniture and smash it into your AC or home. Therefore, avoid this problem by removing the hazard before the storm hits.

Be Prepared For More Than Wind Alone

Wind is not the only thing that could damage your AC, as you could be dealing with floods as well. To prevent damage to your AC from severe flooding, it could be worth having your AC unit elevated to avoid it ending up in standing water. If you do encounter flooding around your AC unit, please have it checked by an HVAC technician first before turning it back on.

Assess The Damage First

No matter how much you prepare, there is always a chance that your home or your AC unit gets damaged by the hurricane. Therefore, it is advised to check your AC for damage through 21 point HVAC inspection, before you put it back into operation. If you are unsure – or notice something strange in general – you should always contact a technician to ensure your safety.

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