Why You Need Fall Maintenance for Your HVAC

Why You Need Fall Maintenance for Your HVAC

Top Reasons Why You Need Fall Maintenance for Your HVAC from Armstrong

Hey, congratulations!!

You (and your HVAC system) just survived one of the hottest summers in the entire history of summers! In the oppressive heat of The Sunshine State, that’s no small task—and you deserve a reward. And the most fitting way to treat yourself after such a scorching summer?

A little TLC. It’s the perfect time for fall maintenance!

After all, your system has been working overtime for months now. The last thing you need is for all that wear and tear to bring your comfort crashing to a halt. It’s not just the perfect time, it’s the necessary time. Here’s why.


Cleaning After the Cruel, Cruel Summer

All summer long, the flowering fauna of Florida’s natural splendor cascaded a shower of pollen and more into the air—which means into your HVAC filters.

For months now, an abundance of air irritants have been flowing through your vents and filters. To say that they need to be cleared is an incredible understatement. The pollutants can cause a range of health issues, from headaches to allergies—even after allergy season. 


Cutting Down on Costs

The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel is nearly here! Say goodbye to those painful summer power bills, because fall is around the corner. The only thing that could make this seasonal dessert better?

Even lower costs. Don’t just count on the passive savings from cooler weather, actively keep your bills lower by maintaining your system! A well-maintained HVAC is an HVAC that runs with ease, saving power and stress.


Avoid Repairs During the Holiday Season

The arrival of fall turns an entirely new page in the checkbook.

It starts with back to school and football season, then quickly escalates into the holidays, into trips out of town and family get-togethers. Can you imagine footing the bill for crippling repair during the season of celebration?

Stay one step ahead of catastrophe by scheduling fall maintenance. We won’t just spot any trouble areas, we’ll actively work to prolong the life of all working mechanics in your system to keep it working better, longer. 


Armstrong’s Elite Service 

We know Florida and we know A/C maintenance.

Our top-rated techs and dedicated customer service reps are here at all times to keep you cool when it matters—and our extensive 21-point Preventative Maintenance Agreement is an unparalleled way to maximize the performance and life of your A/C.

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