What is HVAC Scenting for Your Home and is it Healthy?

What is HVAC Scenting for Your Home and is it Healthy?

What is HVAC Scenting

Maybe you’ve seen the idea trending online, or maybe you’ve been inspired by a recent trip through the sweet-scented shops at Disney—or by the clouds of perfume at your favorite clothing store, or maybe by the countless essential oil diffusers at your Aunt Linda’s condo. 

Whatever piqued your interest in HVAC scenting, it’s important that you gather all the relevant facts before blasting Ocean Breeze and Lavender Rain throughout your home.


The HVAC Scenting FAQ

Question Numero Uno: Does Armstrong offer this service?



Okay, well, what HVAC scenting, exactly?

HVAC scenting is the process of running diffused fragrances through the air conditioning system—a much more evolved version of spraying Febreeze in front of a fan. It starts at the source of airflow and is consistently distributed throughout your home.


That sounds pretty nice. Are there benefits to this kind of sensory sorcery? 

As a matter of fact, yes! There’s an entire psychology behind the benefits; this whole process began decades ago in Las Vegas, when casinos correlated concentrated time and money to areas laden with pumped-in scents. 


What’s this have to do with my home?

Nothing, really. The bottom line is that people enjoy spending time in nice-smelling areas. 


So, what’s the danger?

Simply put, bad things that smell bad are bad.

To clarify: if you’re running scents through your home to cover up odious odors, you risk missing the root of the problem. This could be things like rot, water damage, mold, gas or coolant leaks in your system—basically, a world of danger.

The best thing you can do is keep your HVAC unit maintained and your home clean. Any whiff of unpleasantness is a whiff of danger.


Armstrong Air can help with this?

You bet we can. 

For regularly scheduled maintenance—or for quick action on a fast-spreading smell—give us a call at 407-877-8090 today!