Top 5 Air Conditioning Failures That You Must Avoid

Top 5 Air Conditioning Failures That You Must Avoid

Top 5 Air Conditioning Failures – What Should You Avoid?

There are many issues that may make your air conditioner fail and these issues can often be overlooked. The air conditioning failures such as problem in the AC compressor makes the whole cooling system break down and this is one major catastrophe that can be avoided and can become quite an expensive lesson to learn. However, the failure in an AC compressor can be prevented when the proper maintenance is adhered to and problems are promptly corrected.

Consequently, having a proper maintenance schedule or maintenance contract with your AC Company will prevent these air conditioning failures from arising. The following problems are common and often overlooked, there are things can go wrong and because of the lack of due diligence will become costly, and here’s why you should avoid them.

Dirty coils

When mineral scales, grime and dust form up on the condenser coil, the AC is unable to expel enough heat. The air conditioner is therefore having to run constantly and is consequently put under a great deal of strain in order to try and maintain your cool temperature. The increased temperature and pressure will make the compressor overheat and may cause it to fail.

The condensers cool the space not by emitting cold air, but by sucking the overheated air and regulating its temperature. When the coils of the conditioner are dirty, it will not be possible for the air conditioner to absorb heat from your home and thus cause you many problems that could have been resolved in the first instance with regular maintenance.

Blocked Suction Lines

When the refrigerant lines of your air conditioner are damaged, the first thing you will notice is that your home, office or other dwelling is no longer cooling. When you fail to maintain the system, there will be increased temperature and pressure making the AC system overheat and eventually fail.

Electrical Problems

Electrical problems make acids build up in the air conditioning system and this damages other parts of the air conditioner. It is crucial that you get a technician to test the presence of the acids in your failed air conditioner. If the technician finds out that the system has been damaged by electrical burn out then it is not advisable to fix it and you should look toward having a replacement system.

Electrical problems are preventable when regular inspections are done to the air conditioner and are added as part of your maintenance program. During the examination, the technician will be able to spot any damaged fuses and wiring and fix them before they damage the compressor completely.

Inadequate Oil Lubricant

Oil lubricant for the air conditioner is as essential as blood is to the body. If the air conditioner lacks enough oil, then it will not work as effectively as expected. This may also cause some problems with the AC and later cause it to fail as parts are not lubricated and will fail quickly over time. When the AC is regularly maintained by a professional, he will check the levels of the lubricant and the oil pump condition to prevent it from getting damaged.

Low Refrigerant Charge

When the refrigerant line of the AC system develops cracks or holes, then it leaks refrigerant. After some time you will note that the level reduces and the compressor is forced to work harder than expected in order to pump enough refrigerant to cool the room. The strain can, in the end, makes the compressor fail and again this will be noted in the lack of circulation of the air and the cooling of the space. Overheating will quickly cause other issues in the system.


If You Can’t Maintain It, Let The A-Team Maintain It

It can’t be underestimated the importance of making sure that your air conditioning system is maintained and often even letting the small things go can cause you a massive issue in the long run. It is advisable to have a maintenance contract with your AC Company to negate these issues in the future and in the end, save you far more money.

Think about it, if you don’t maintain it, then you will end up paying to rectify a serious issue that could have been dealt with. The cost of an air conditioning maintenance contract far out weighs the expense of repairs and replacement in the near future. Armstrong Air and Heating have quality maintenance programs for your AC unit, and if you do not have one, then give us a call at 407-877-8090 today.