Time For A Spring Time AC Tune Up

Time For A Spring Time AC Tune Up

Spring Time AC Tune Up
Spring Time AC Tune Up

As a Floridian, you’re probably aware of the extreme importance of having your bi-annual AC tune up in Spring. We all use spring to get things in order for the advent of summer, but in all fairness, we mostly forget the one thing that needs a proper tune up before the heat of summer fills every part of our lives: Our HVAC!

Temperatures in the Florida summer can reach up to 100 F, which, when combined with high levels of humidity, can make you feel like you’re sitting in a boiler. To ensure your AC will not let you down, it’s time to plan for your Spring AC tune up.

What Does An AC Tune Up Involve This Spring?

When you book an AC tune up this springtime, our technicians will come and check out your HVAC system. They then decide on what needs to be done. Apart from the general tune up, they will also give their professional opinion on the state of your HVAC and whether there is anything specialized that needs to be done.

Some of the main jobs in an AC tune up may include checking the refrigerant levels, checking and fixing any refrigerant leaks, lubricating the moving parts such as the motors and fans and inspection of belts for proper movement. The electrical connections and system controls are also checked.

What Are the Benefits of Spring Time Tune Ups?

Tune ups are integral to the long life of any HVAC system and should be planned for at least twice a year to keep your AC running smoothly with high efficiency. Some of the integral benefits of an AC tune up in Florida are:

Clean Air With No Allergens

Clean Your Air With an AC Tune Up

When there’s high humidity, there tends to be a lot of dust and other small-particle allergens in the air. In Florida, humidity is high pretty much through the year. AC systems have air filters which filter out these allergens and provide you with good, clean, high-quality air which won’t cause your allergies to flare up.

As time passes, the air filters get clogged up and may need to be replaced, which is why you need to do a spring time tune up, more so in preparation for summer when allergens are all over the place.

Increasing Efficiency of your HVAC

One of the main reasons for having a spring time tune up is to ensure you’re getting the best of your AC. How so? By cooling your home efficiently and using lower energy to do so! Tune ups usually ensure that your AC is more energy efficient because the condenser coils are properly cleaned and the dirty filters are changed.

Having clean condenser coils ensure lower amounts of energy are required for cooling since the coils will not need as much energy for heat absorption. Also, clogged air filters don’t work properly, which is what leads to the condenser coils getting dirty. By changing filters and cleaning coils, you ensures there is lower wear and tear on your AC system so it can last longer!

Lower Repair Budget

Maintaining your HVAC system by getting a spring time tune up done may feel like something’s digging into your pockets. However, a routine tune up can easily detect issues deeper issues into your HVAC system and even help circumvent them. For example: why not do routine maintenance of your AC’s compressor coils, rather than leave them be until they are barely functioning and thus need to be replaced? The cost of replacing is far, far greater than the cost of cleaning and maintaining – not just in terms of money but also time and mental energy!

Your AC systems should always provide you with cool, quality air in your home. A tune up will definitely help you achieve this. However, if your HVAC is quite old and outdated, then a tune up may be a waste of time and money. In this case, we can easily get a technician to look into your HVAC system and show you a wide variety of the latest eco-friendly, high-efficiency HVAC systems available that you can install at very budget-friendly rates!

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