How to Maintain Your A/C Unit

How to Maintain Your A/C Unit

The top 6 tips on how Maintain Your A/C Unit

Whether you’re a new homeowner, new to the residential rental scene or even just watching someone’s home for an extremely long period of time–it’s vital that you know how to maintain an air conditioning unit. 

While the steps we’ll lay out ahead certainly aren’t high-maintenance, they are non-negotiable. There are few things worse than the sickening feeling of an HVAC disaster, and the truth is that you can do quite a few things to prevent them. 


No. 1 | Sign a Preventative Maintenance Agreement 

Your first step is easy: call us. A penny of prevention is worth a dollar in repairs; our PMA will keep you humming along.

You can click here for a full breakdown on the topic, but you should know a few quick things.

  • This twice-a-year service keeps your unit running more efficiently, saving on monthly utility bills
  • The 21-point service also eliminates loads of air pollutants, keeping your filters running better for longer
  • Regular maintenance keeps your system running longer as well, cutting back potential replacement costs 


No. 2 | Change Your Air Filter Regularly

Clogged filters mean a clogged system. 

If you aren’t replacing this on the regular, you are doing your HVAC a disservice! Because the system moves air in your home around in a cycle, old filters mean more pollutants and more strain on your entire A/C system.


No. 3 | Clean Your Air Ducts

See above, but in a much more widespread sense. You have more ducts than filters. 


No. 4 | Check Your Pipe Insulation

Is the insulation around your A/C unit cracked and eroded? 

This could lead to serious implications in the cooling power of your unit. Tip-top insulation = peak performance.


No. 5 | Cleanse Your A/C Drain Line

An easy recipe for cleaning your A/C drain line:

That’s it, that’s the whole thing. This will kill mold, algae, mildew and other nefarious bacteria/mildew lurking in the darkness. 


No. 6 | Keep Armstrong In Mind

Hopefully you took us up on the first tip, but we want you to know that we’re always here for you–even if you didn’t sign the Preventative Maintenance Agreement that would have you money in the long run, increase efficiency immediately and protect your vital investment but hey who are we to judge?

Our technicians are available 24/7, ready to install anytime. We work with the best products on the market, with the most dedicated staff in Central Florida. 

We’re here to save you the maximum amount of money over time–with special deals and financing available to maintain your AC and keep you cool.

Click here to book an assessment today!

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