How Humidity In Florida Influences Air Conditioning

How Humidity In Florida Influences Air Conditioning

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Many people believe that air conditioning simply removes warm air and delivers cool air. However, a good air conditioning system also removes some humidity from the air and makes the environment more tolerable. Of course, In Florida humidity can have an influence on your air conditioning system, and without it, living would be intolerable.

Air Conditioning And Extreme Humidity

humidity in florida
humidity in florida

One of the problems your air conditioning system can encounter is extreme humidity and that can happen with Florida humidity. While your air conditioning usually has no problems with normal levels, being able to deal with high humidity will be subject to the cooling capacity of your air conditioning unit. If your air conditioner does not have the capacity, your home may still feel a little uncomfortable despite having an air conditioner installed; this is also why it is recommended to have a professional fit your system, as it could avoid a common problem such as this one. Furthermore, your HVAC system needs to be maintained to be able to deal with the humidity in Florida during the summer months.

What Are The Signs Of High Humidity?

Homeowners should always look for the telltale signs of high humidity in florida’s climate. One of the most obvious signs is so-called moist air, which makes your skin feel clammy and uncomfortably. Of course, you can also tell by some signs around your home; this includes foggy windows and an overall musty odor inside the home.

Why Is Humidity A Problem Inside My Home?

Much like excessive heat, humidity can make your home feel terribly uncomfortable. In fact, humidity can make your home feel warmer, even though the air conditioning is cooling down the air inside the home. Once again, if your air conditioner is not getting rid of the humidity because of a lack of capacity, then it may be time to upgrade your system.

Use A Dehumidifier To Combat Humidity In Florida

humidity in florida

One of the ways to make an air conditioner more effective in humid environment is by installing a dehumidifier. While you can obtain dehumidifiers separately in stores, it is much more effective to have a dehumidifier installed on your current HVAC system.

While an air conditioning system with plenty of capacity can remove more humidity from the air inside your home, it might not be effective enough for environments with extremely high levels of humidity. If you have the right capacity air conditioner and humidity is still a problem, then it might be time to consider an additional dehumidifier installation on your current air conditioner.

Of course, the opposite is also true about humidity. During the colder months, you may encounter a lack of humidity inside your home. Fortunately, this problem could be corrected with a humidifier installation on your HVAC system; this will ensure the humidity levels inside your home stay on point.