Fall Is A Great Time To Replace Your Ac System

Fall Is A Great Time To Replace Your Ac System

Fall may be the best time to inspect and replace your AC system

Do you need to replace your AC system? There are several obvious reasons why you need to inspect and replace your AC system in fall. Today we will discuss not only all those reasons but will also focus on the advantages that come along with this decision. It has been discovered that during the spring, or the early fall, when temperatures are neither too hot nor too cold you get the chance to get the job done properly and can make a decision based on what you need and not out of desperation.

However, it’s also important to keep in mind that if your heating and/or air conditioning system is struggling, you really shouldn’t wait for the proper season to replace it, importance should be placed upon the need. Nevertheless, fall time is a great time to work on getting that new AC system that you need. So the time is really the moment you have an issue to replace your ac system.

Fall Can Save you Money When You Replace Your AC System

So, the first reason why fall is the best time for HVAC system update is that it saves you money. Fall replacements are beneficial especially when you want to get time to search for the best system or take time to determine what is better for you in terms of cost, efficiency, and value. Doing it in the hot months will often make you act in haste. Furthermore, it is easier in cooler months to do the installation.

Taking into consideration the fact that contractors are in between the cooling and heating seasons, they will be much more available to help you tune up and repair your current system if that is what you need. It’s the best time to plan ideal investments in new HVAC system due to being able to plan it properly without acting on desperation because of the weather.

You Can Get The AC System You Need

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A lot can change during a year and you can be offered a number of new air conditioning systems with much more evolved features and specifications. Choose fall for such decisions. Give that time to do some research and make your final choice between the systems that provide superior nighttime comfort and humidity reductions, as well as come with less noisy features both inside and outside of your home. Controls, communications, and programmable thermostats are other important features to take into account before buying one.

Energy Savings to Get from High-Efficiency AC Systems

According to the latest results, 88% of the respondents are “satisfied” with their HVAC systems compared with other high-efficiency system alternatives. On the other hand, just 67 % of users are “dissatisfied” even if they did not end up buying the high-efficiency models. In case your system is getting older or you have had some problems recently, it would be better taking some time in the fall to do your research and talk to us about the best options for your home HVAC investments.

High-efficiency systems are not only much more developed but they also save energy and money. Also, pay attention to the size of the AC system you choose as it matters and a lot depends on the size of the item. For example, if it is too small, it will not keep up on the hottest days and if it is too large, it will cycle too much and cause wide swings in your indoor temperature. Check the humidity levels and pick the right one according to the place you live in.

Contact us to discuss your options and how we can help you to get the best ac system at the best investment for you.

Follow these Top Tips To Prepare Your System For The Fall

Tips for winter and fall to keep warm: Prepare the HVAC for the unfriendly season

What comes to your mind whenever the winter season draws closer? Chilly nights! Well, while in summer you enjoy an opportunity of saving HVAC costs, winter demands to turn on your air conditioning system. Undoubtedly, the HVAC makes chilly nights bearable making it the dearest equipment in the house at such a time. Imagine a situation where your HVAC is running poorly yet you badly need it. How would you switch from cooling to heating in the house? Winter is fast approaching, and it is the perfect time to maintain your air conditioning system.

Check the air filters

The efficiency and longevity of the HVAC system heavily depend on the state of its air filters. The air filters play a significant role in filtering dust and other contaminants before it gets to the HVAC system. Dirty filters block the flow of air and should, therefore, be made clean regularly. Check to see if the air filters are clogged, if yes; replace them once in 30 days to allow free flow of air. Make sure to have plenty of back-ups, so you don’t have to run to the store every time replacement is needed.

Check the thermostat

Transitioning from summer to fall or the winter means that you are moving from cooling to heating. While making a transition, it is essential to reprogram the thermostat and to make it easier you should consider purchasing a programmable thermostat and set it correctly. A programmable thermostat automatically lowers the heat any time you are away or even as you sleep.

Professional Inspection

Regular servicing is crucial for your HVAC system, which means that you should look for a qualified professional for service. Regular servicing ensures that the system is running correctly and makes it highly efficient in terms of energy consumption and functionality. You have the system inspected at least twice in a year, one for the winter and the other during summer. To prepare adequately for the winter season inspection is crucial since it can help identify defects and potential problems.

Demand for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system increase as the winter draws near.  Taking the tips and techniques discussed into action will make your system ready for the winter season Call Armstrong Air at 407-877-8090 to get your AC system taken care of today!