Emergency AC Repair In Orlando

Emergency AC Repair In Orlando

Why & When You Need Emergency AC Repair Service Orlando

Well, the air conditioner is one of the most important units of any kind of building and architecture, especially in Florida, and if you don’t have air conditioning then you will suffer in the Orlando weather. Whether it is a home, office, or a unit installed in any other type of place, an AC only works properly when both the environmental conditions suit its external needs as well as proper & timely maintenance carried out. If these requirements are not met, your AC unit can break down quite suddenly at any given time.

So, it is important for air conditioner owners to know when and why they need an emergency AC repair, in case they suffer from a sudden breakdown of their system. But first, let’s find out about some of the common problems AC units face so you know when to call Armstrong Air & Heating for help!

Some Common AC Problems:

Compressor Failures:

Of all the problems faced by air conditioning units at any given time of the year, one of the most common is a compressor failure, which is probably the worst and can be very expensive. The compressor, which is the major component of an air conditioner, might wear down due to external environmental effects. In Florida, this is even more prevalent and may strain the compressor and other crucial components unnecessarily. One of the most common things that may happen is your AC either turning the compressor or the fan on and off quite rapidly. You should not try to jump-start the compressor on your own, but instead call out a professional HVAC service.

In the chilly winters, such as now, the cooling gas inside your compressor might also freeze due to the freezing temperatures outside if your AC has an outdoor unit. Now, whilst that might be far fetched especially as the temp in Orlando is rather humid even in winter, it can still happen so it’s best to be prepared. Plus, the electrical connection and cooling pipes connected to the compressor may also malfunction due to being frozen. In order to keep your AC running smoothly, not only during the winters but all year long, ensure a strict maintenance routine after every two to three months (at least).


This is actually a problem which is not only confined to the Winter season, but a recurring problem at any given time of the year. Leakage of gas (refrigerant) which is inside the compressor is both dangerous for the people inside the room and the electrical parts of the AC as well. This gas is vital for the AC to cool the air it produces. In the event that the gas inside the compressor is leaking out, or freezes due to harsh cold, it needs to be recharged into the compressor and the leakages fixed. In case of a sudden leakage or freezing of the compressor gas in your AC, call Armstrong Air right away for your AC repair because the leakage of the refrigerant gas is a dangerous affair since it is a highly inflammable gas.

No Maintenance Routine Followed:

Many people put off maintenance of their over HVAC systems, sometimes even for the entire year long, which results in incurring huge costs when there is no choice left besides replacing the entire HVAC or a single AC unit. Therefore, it is imperative for all AC, and HVAC system owners, to strictly abide by a frequent maintenance routine of your AC and entire HVAC system. Seek the services of a highly reputed, experienced, and professional AC & HVAC repairing/maintenance services provider if you don’t want to bear massive HVAC replacement costs later on.


So, to all those people who do not like to get their cool air interrupted because of HVAC system issues, whether during the holiday season or beyond, they should get in touch with a well-known emergency AC repair service in Orlando right away! It is important to only call a reliable and well-known service provider for the maintenance and repairing of your AC and HVAC system because depending on unverified and unqualified technicians may disrupt the entire system. So, enjoy these holidays, and days thereafter, by properly taking care of your AC and HVAC systems for longer life and service.