Dangers Of Pests In Your Air Conditioning

Dangers Of Pests In Your Air Conditioning

What Problems Can Pests Cause In Your Air Conditioning ?

Pests in your air conditioning can be a major problem for many businesses and homes. Failure to get rid of the pests may result in damages. Pests can get into a commercial building or to a home in a variety of ways and an HVAC system in poor condition is one of them. There is a probability that pests will get into your house if it is located near wetlands, or surrounded by wild animals such as raccoons. Pests can cause many problems when they get into the air conditioning unit and its components. The following are some of the dangers of pests in your air conditioning units.

Pests In Your Air Conditioning Can Cause Damage

Pests in your air conditioning can cause a lot of damage to the air conditioning components. They move around the components when forming a nest on them. This makes the air conditioning system need some expensive repairs or part replacements. Pests can also cause damage to the home as they enter the structure through the HVAC system and this may generate the need for more repairs. The damage that pests cause to the air conditioning system has a negative impact on the resale value due to a faster depreciation of the system.

Indoor air quality issues

An invasion of pests in your air conditioning system may cause a lot of air quality issues. They can be due to the pesticides or dead pests. A bad odor may be caused by dead pests, droppings or other pest debris left in the air conditioning system. The odors produced by the pests move to your home as conditioned air flows through the duct system. One may also use pesticides as they try to get rid of the pests. The chemicals in the pesticides reduce the quality of air in your business or home.

Health problems

There are a lot of health problems that come along when pests get into the HVAC system. This is risky to your employees, family, yourself and other occupants. The pesticides used to deal with the pest infestation can cause irritation to the throat, nose and eyes. In severe cases, the chemicals in the pesticides can destroy the liver, kidneys and also the central nervous system. They can also increase the risk of getting cancer.

Many pests are common allergens. When you see pests in your air conditioning system, occupants are exposed to allergens that can cause either minor or severe symptoms. When the pests’ nest is in the air conditioning vents or condensers, then everyone around is exposed to the danger. One can be harmed when they are bitten by a rodent or stung by a bee.

As the air circulates through the air conditioning system, the pest debris can circulate, which may contaminate businesses or homes with droppings or dander. Exposing yourself to this may exacerbate respiratory problems such as asthma.

When your HVAC system gets damaged due to a pest infestation, you are advised to consult an HVAC professional to do the repairs. They will also advise you on how they can help prevent pests from entering your air conditioning unit in the future. Call Armstrong Air & Heating today at 407-877-8090 for help with your HVAC repairs