4 Easy Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill This Year

4 Easy Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill This Year

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How You Can Lower Your Electricity Bill

Electricity makes up the majority of a homeowner’s utility bills, and if electricity is not managed properly, the electricity bill will be extremely expensive; a problem that many homeowners face every month. However, lowering your electricity bill can be simple and easy, but unfortunately, many people don’t know how to do so without making drastic changes to their lifestyles. This post will give you some easy and helpful ways that you can lower your electricity bill over the next year.

lower your electricity bills
Photographer: Anthony Indraus | Source: Unsplash

Lowering your electricity bill is crucial in saving money as a homeowner; and in addition to saving money, cutting electricity bills will also have a positive impact on the environment. Here are some ways to cut down on electricity this year for you to consider.

Use a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are an innovative technology to consider installing into your home. These thermostats will cut down on electricity bills while also conserving energy, making your home an eco-friendly environment.

Smart thermostats work the same way that standard thermostats do, however, instead of working on a timer or having to be manually turned up or down on the thermostat itself, smart thermostats can be manipulated from an app on your mobile device. Smart thermostats give homeowners the opportunity to control the temperature of their homes from remote locations, meaning they can turn heat and air conditioning up and down while driving home or while they are at work.

For example, homeowners can turn down their thermostats when they leave for work in the morning, conserving energy and money since there is no need to run the heat if nobody is home. Once the homeowner is on his or her way home from work, he or she can sign onto their smart thermostat app and turn the heat back up so their home is warm by the time they get home. Smart thermostats will save homeowners money and energy bills down significantly.

Clean HVAC Filters

This is one of the easiest ways to lower your electricity bill, and often a way that people never seem to think about. Cleaning HVAC filters frequently will save homeowners money because it will prevent buildup and blockages that keep warm or cold air from entering your home. Since warm and cool air will be able to enter your home easily, you will not be running your HVAC systems extra to warm up or cool down, thus cutting down your electricity bill.

Likewise, consider getting a seasonal HVAC checkup on your systems to make sure that they are running properly will ensure that you aren’t overusing your systems when you don’t have to.

Install LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs will cut electricity bills down almost immediately. LED lights have a plethora of benefits but the energy-saving costs are one of the biggest. LED lights produce the same amount of light while requiring less wattage than fluorescent bulbs. With that being said, less energy is being used to light a space; therefore less money will be spent to power a home.

Install Solar Panels

Solar panels are a fantastic way to save money and hence helps you to lower your electricity bill. Though solar panels are a bit of an investment, they will be worth your while in the long run. Solar panels convert the sun’s heat into electricity, rather than using man-made electricity to power a home. Solar panels could ultimately eliminate the use of man-made electricity in your home.

Without the need to rely on any other kind of energy to produce electricity in your home, your electricity bills could be potentially next to nothing if you install solar panels this year.

Start Saving Money Now

Saving money on your electricity bills doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact, it can be extremely simple as long as you make the effort to look into how to do so. Keep these ideas in mind as you look for ways to save money on electricity this year; not only will you save money, you will also be making a positive impact on the environment. For more money-saving tips, or to schedule regular maintenance, call Armstrong Air today at 407-877-8090!