3 Reasons to Schedule Spring Maintenance for Your Air Systems

3 Reasons to Schedule Spring Maintenance for Your Air Systems

3 Reasons to Schedule Spring Maintenance for Your Air Systems

 It may not be the most exciting task of the season, but spring HVAC maintenance is absolutely essential, especially in areas where we have our A/Cs on full blast from May to September.

 Florida is one of the most expensive states for utilities, and a big part of that is the expense of running our air conditioners for so much of the year. Running those A/Cs has other potential costs too: wear and tear over time can cause a whole host of issues, not the least of which ends with you in a broken A/C and a house-turned-sauna on a summer afternoon.

 To make sure you aren’t caught in the blistering heat, we recommend annual tune ups every spring. 

 Why Spring? 

Well, in the spring, particularly in the southern half of the country where winters are mild, our A/Cs probably haven’t been running much for the past few months. After a long period of disuse, you might notice some coughing and sputtering from your trusty air system.

 Additionally, you are likely using your A/C frequently in the spring, but not testing the limits like we do in the dead of summer, which is when you may be rudely made aware of HVAC issues when you air quits on the hottest day of the year. By tuning up your system in the spring, you could potentially avoid potential issues later on in the summer, which is the last time you want to find yourself without air conditioning.

 3 Reasons to Have Your HVAC Tuned Up


1. It can help you save money.

Though our biggest concern is your A/C quitting entirely, there are tons of other benefits to tuning up your system every spring. One of the biggest is the financial benefit.

As your air system ages, it likely loses some of its efficiency, like any overused machine. When you have Armstrong Air and Heating tune up your system though, it can help maintain your system longer, which can help save you money on your monthly utility bill!

Plus, by tuning up your HVAC twice a year, you ensure that your air system will last as long as possible. Think of it like a car. Just like cars, HVACs are often given an estimated lifespan based on the amount of use. For HVACs, the expected lifespan in Florida is 8-12 years. However, if you fail to maintain the system, just like a car without oil changes and regular maintenance , your HVAC will quit on you. And when an HVAC quits on you, expenses skyrocket.

Repairs on air systems can be expensive depending on the extent of the damage, and replacing your system is a huge investment that we want to help you avoid for as long as possible.


2. Maintenance can improve your air quality.

The air quality in our homes is hugely important. When air pollution is constantly on the rise and general air quality is decreasing at an alarming rate, it’s important that your home is a safe haven of clean, healthy air. An inefficient air system can allow dust, pollen, and other potential allergens into your home, which could have adverse effects on your health over time.

 When you have us come out to tune up your system, we ensure that your HVAC is filtering your air at top capacity, so you can breathe easy.


3. It can increase your comfort levels.

Not only does an efficient air system save you money (which will probably save some stress!) and improve your air quality; it also increases the consistency of temperature throughout your house.

 When your system is running smoothly, it is able to heat and cool more evenly, and will likely lower electric consumption & improve comfort.

All in all, a simple spring tune up can make the difference between a hot, pricey summer season and a cool, relaxed few months. If you haven’t had maintenance recently, call us to set up an HVAC maintenance appointment, and make sure your home is ready to withstand the heat.