10 Things You Should Do To Maintain Your AC

10 Things You Should Do To Maintain Your AC

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Coolio’s 10 Tips To Maintain Your AC System

maintain your ACHaving a working AC unit in your home is a must – especially during the summer season where temperatures soar. Everything is all well and good until something goes wrong because it has been ill maintained, is old or is just plain exhausted, just like I am after Paul and the team have taken me for a long walk. I digress; if you are using your air conditioning 24-7, sooner or later it will start to have some issues even if you bought the most expensive type available in the market.

This is where having regular maintenance is very important. You need to make sure that your AC unit is working perfectly well to avoid any major issues or even having to pay for high electricity bill in the future. But if you have the money and don’t have time to check your units then just hire a trusted professional to handle the maintenance for you and tell them Coolio sent you.

Here’s the list of ten things you should be doing regularly to maintain your AC unit:

  1. Always turn off your AC unit before you do any check-up or maintenance clean-up. This is for your own safety and to also protect your unit.
  2. Check your filter. This AC part needs to be replaced monthly or depending on your AC design. There are some that you can just clean with soap and water, but better to get disposable. Make sure to mark your calendar if you always forget to do this. It will ensure that you continue to enjoy clean air and also will avoid having your AC unit work more than it should just to provide you with cooler temperatures.
  3. Don’t keep on rotating the thermostat. Depending on your AC unit, you should avoid constantly turning or changing the temperature level. If you keep on turning it there is a possibility that you will break your thermostat completely and you’ll need to have the thermostat repaired. Leave it alone at a constant temperature setting you are comfortable with.
  4. Check the AC unit condition outdoor. This needs to be free of any debris making sure there’s a good airflow so that your AC unit can function well without any problem.
  5. Ask for help in removing your AC unit so that you can properly clean everything. Call one of our technicians out to do this for you.
  6. When cleaning coils, you should use a garden hose. Make sure that you clean it thoroughly so that your AC unit can function as if it’s new. Dirt and other debris can build-up inside the unit that can affect its proper functioning.
  7. Check the wiring and the outlet where your AC unit is plugged into. Sometimes unstable power conditions are a major cause of faulty AC units.
  8. Before you plug it in again make sure that everything is properly cleaned and dried. You need to put the AC unit back to its original place before you decide to plug it in and check if it still works.
  9. Observe your AC unit – make sure it is still able to keep the temperature down. You can try to remove the filter depending on the AC unit design you have and see if there’s ice building up after a few minutes of working. Or check if moisture starts to appear on you AC unit.
  10. If there’s still any other issue you better call a professional to help you check and see what the problem with your AC unit is.

These are just ten of the simple steps in guiding you to do basic maintenance on your AC unit just to make sure that everything is in top shape and working properly. Contact our team of experts today at 407-877-8090 for more guidance on how to maintain your air conditioning system.


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