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Orlando Air Conditioning Maintenance

A Little Bit of Air Conditioning Prevention, a Whole Lot of ReassuranceIt can be easy to forget about your HVAC system. After all, if it’s working fine, and keeping your home the appropriate temperature, what’s there to think about? The truth is, while you don’t need to think about your heating and cooling system all the time, you also can’t ignore it completely. Fortunately, most complicated HVAC problems can be prevented with regular ac maintenance from a qualified professional.

Who Should Inspect your A/C, and When

You should schedule a professional HVAC inspection twice a year, at the start of Spring and at the start of Fall. Florida’s air conditioning and heating units have to do a lot of work, and a professional check-up before each season gets underway is a great way to prevent major problems. At Armstrong Air, we offer a 21 point preventative maintenance inspection, which covers every aspect of your A/C unit. After all, nobody wants their HVAC running into problems, especially during the hottest or coldest times of the year. A professional inspection not only saves you money in energy bills, it also provides peace of mind for your whole family. In-between professional check-ups, there are a few simple things you can do to keep your system in tip-top shape. It doesn’t take much work to improve your system’s efficiency which, in turn, will save you money all year round.

Three Easy Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips for Florida Residents:

  • Check the filter in your A/C unit about every 30 days. If your unit is being used a lot, or if you have pets, your filter might need to be replaced every month. During lighter periods of use, you can probably change filters about every three months. Still, you want to check the filter monthly, since dirty air filters reduce efficiency and can eventually cause problems for the entire system.
  • Clean the outdoor condensation unit periodically. To do this, you want to make sure the unit is off. Then simply spray the unit with water from your garden hose. That’s enough to clear out a lot of unwanted build-up.
  • In order to ensure accurate temperature readings, make sure your thermostat is level on the wall. Also, don’t forget to put fresh batteries into your digital thermostat from time to time.

Orlando’s Air Conditioning Top Company – A Trusted Choice For AC Maintenance

Armstrong Air and Heating has been serving Florida homes for 35 years. From their main office in Winter Garden, they provide HVAC Repair and Installation solutions throughout Orlando and the surrounding cities. Additionally, Armstrong Air provides service and repair throughout many states surrounding Florida, including Georgia, Tennessee and Texas. Our skilled team of factory-trained professionals thinks about HVAC systems every day, so you don’t have to. With two check-ups a year, you can save yourself tons of money down the road. You also ensure your annual energy bills are as low as they can possibly be. Staying comfortable year-round in Florida doesn’t have to be problematic or expensive. With proper preventative maintenance from Armstrong Air and Heating, your family can stay cool in the summer toasty in the winter and comfortable all year round.
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