What To Consider Before Installing a New HVAC System

What To Consider Before Installing a New HVAC System

Many homeowners are looking at a new HVAC system to make their surroundings a little more comfortable. While an air conditioning system may seem quite straightforward, there are some things everyone should consider before selecting their system and having it installed. If you are currently considering having a new HVAC system installed, here are some of the factors you must incorporate.

Installation Price Of Your New HVAC System

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Before installing an HVAC system, most people will look at the price of the system first, but forget to incorporate the cost of installation. In some cases, installers may have to make some changes to the home, which could lead to additional costs for your air conditioning installation. Also, remember the cheapest system is not always what will save you money.

To ensure you get the full price tag of your new HVAC system, it can be a good idea to contact a company who can provide you with the system as well as the installation services. Before you commit to anything, always ask for a quote that includes the cost of the system as well as installation and don’t forget the maintenance. When you use Armstrong Air and Heating, we make sure that everything and every possible avenue is covered.

The Right Ductwork For Your HVAC Unit

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The correct ductwork is required to transport cool air throughout the system, so the ductwork in your home must be able to perform this task. Some homeowners will encounter additional repair costs to prepare their ductwork for air conditioning tasks; this includes resealing of seams and joints. Thus, you can avoid unwelcome surprises by having the ductwork in your home inspected beforehand. Make sure you understand how important your ductwork is and do not make the mistake of trying to cut corners. If you are building a new home in the Orlando area, make sure to talk to us in order to get the right system for your home and make sure all work is up to scratch, this will save you money in the long-term.

Available Space For A New Air Conditioning System

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While this is somewhat of a no-brainer, the available space in your home will determine the type of air conditioning system you require; this relates to capacity as well as overall effectiveness. Of course, professionals can determine the requirements more easily, especially if you chose an experienced service such as Armstrong Air.

Get Some Add-Ons

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New HVAC System Additions Will Ease Your Life

Homeowners who have some money left in the air conditioning budget could consider add-ons to make their HVAC system even more efficient and convenient. Living in Florida can be a bit hard on the allergy front, but thankfully we have you covered. Consider a quality air purification system that is built right into your new system. From additional remote control options to making your air conditioner start from outside the home; these are all features that could be add-ons on your existing system. If you wish to get more from your current air conditioning system, you can also speak to the team at Armstrong Air to discover add-ons for your system.