Finance Your New HVAC System With No Money Down

Finance Your New HVAC System With No Money Down

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Summer’s just around the corner and your current outdated HVAC system suddenly bites the dust. You may want to sit down and have a good cry. Summer temperatures this year are predicted to be higher than ever. You don’t have the money to outright buy your new HVAC system, and you don’t really know how you’ll survive the summer without a proper HVAC system in place. Worry not. This is the type of situation that calls for you to finance your new HVAC system with a low monthly payment plan.

No Money Down

A no money down low monthly payment plan is just that. It’s a financial projection that enables you to get the new HVAC system you need and is easy on your pocket. Technically, this is how it works: You decide which type of new HVAC system you want. You can apply through your Armstrong Air and Heating representative, and watch as your brand-new state-of-the-art HVAC system is installed by the experts. You pay nothing to start off with.

Let’s look at the benefits of financing your new HVAC System with no money down and a low monthly payment plan.

A Real No Down Payment for your HVAC System

One of the benefits of being able to finance your new HVAC System with no money down is the fact that you don’t have pay immediately.

Imagine being able to choose the best HVAC system on the market. Imagine having it installed in your home without being even slightly out of pocket.

Getting your new HVAC system without having to make a down payment saves you from the worry of wondering where the money will come from to replace your old, outdated, HVAC system. After all, you want to be cool before the hot, humid, muggy months arrives in Florida.

Low Monthly Payments

The scary part of installing a new HVAC system is the finance. Will your budget stretch to getting an HVAC system which is just right for your property?

Low Monthly Payments

Current costs being what they are, it’s an opportune plan to finance it with low monthly payments. This enables you to stretch your salary to other payments as well; be it car loan payments, mortgage payments etc. With a low monthly payment plan that stretches out over a few years, you can easily sort out your finances and opt for a great HVAC system.

High Efficiency HVAC Systems

Another key benefit of getting to finance your new HVAC System with low monthly payments is the fact that you can opt for a new, high efficiency HVAC system. This, in turn, will reduce your utility bill by a considerable amount as compared to your current one.

Older HVAC systems usually have a host of issues such as lack of refrigerant, dirty air filters, and poor airflow within the air conditioner, thus making them more expensive than installing a new one with high efficiencies at no down payment!

No Prepayment Penalties

At Armstrong Air, when you finance your new HVAC System with no money down, one of the benefits is the lack of prepayment penalties. So if you want to put your annual bonus towards paying off your HVAC plan early, you won’t have to pay any fees.

Usually, most lenders charge a percentage of your remaining balance as a prepayment penalty, which ends up with you dipping into your pockets but if you want to finance your new HVAC System through Armstrong Air, you actually end up saving on these fees!

Availability of Generous Credit Lines

Armstrong Air offers you a chance to finance your new HVAC System with no money down. This facility also extends to a generous credit line. The benefit of this is that there’s no interest charged on your finance plan unless you actually borrow. This helps you sort out your finances as you go ahead with the installation of your new HVAC system.

With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why there’s plenty to be saved when you finance your new HVAC System with no money down! Call Armstrong Air today at 407-877-8090 to find out more and get started with your no down payment financing plan.