Allergies Can Be Cleared With Good Air Conditioning

People who suffer from allergies, indoor air pollution, or asthma, can have different things that can trigger their symptoms. Allergies can affect anyone, no matter the race or gender. It is a known fact that allergens present themselves in the form of flowers, weeds, grass and other things that can be found outdoors such as trees in your local area and especially in Florida, which is why you should keep your trees trimmed. Most people are not aware of the fact that indoor air pollution is actually at a higher rate than outdoors and that it is actually 25 times higher and the source can be anything, such as allergens, pollen or dust mites. Some of the most common allergens that can be found indoors are pet dander, such as flakes from the skin, urine and saliva, Mold, cockroach droppings, Pollen or pet hair, if these particles are airborne, they can be inhaled and the sufferer experience allergic reactions. If the heating, air conditioning or ventilation system that is in the home is in use, it can harbor allergens and mold and also spread them.

Environments which are damp, poorly-serviced heating systems and air conditioning that requires repair can contribute to a poor quality of air that is circulated indoors. Based on information from the ACAAI or the American College of Allergy Asthma and Immunology in Florida, approximately 90% of Americans spend their time in doors. While in doors, they are often exposed to allergens which can be found inside and particles which become airborne and can lead to respiratory conditions and symptoms.

Living organisms, such as bacteria, mold and dust mites, as well as yeast, are as a result of moisture. A building that is damp and has high humidity can lead to an increased level of mold and dust mites and can also lead to increasing allergic reactions as well as a worsening state of asthma. People who have no allergies can have a reaction to mold, which produces mycotoxins, as well as volatile organic chemicals, which smell horrible and can cause respiratory illnesses. Dust mites are microscopic and thrive in humidity, they are able to cause allergic reactions, as well as trigger symptoms of asthma in non-sufferers. Approximately a half of the younger generation who suffer with asthma also have allergic reactions to dust mites. For mold to grow, there has to be moisture inside the home, inside harbors many sources from which moisture can be formed, such as leaky pipes, or condensation.  Even though there are several reasons why indoor air quality can be affected, air conditioning that is poorly maintained and carpeting can be the most troublesome.

Microscopic allergens, poor heating and air comes from the basement, or a parking garage. Carbon monoxide can also be formed in the garage and slowly seeps into the home if the air conditioning and heating systems are out of whack. Much like an air conditioning system, carpets are also the producers of allergens. This includes dust mites or mold. Most of the allergens that blow about the home eventually settles in the carpet. If the area is damp, the carpet can also be a great place for the growth of mold.

A properly maintained air conditioning system will actually help deal with all of these issues and if you are an individual who suffers from allergies and asthma, we also have a solution for you to aid in keeping your home or workplace full of clean healthy air. We have a system called the Air Scrubber Plus, which is a unique system that can be added to your air conditioning and it works more effectively than UV lights. It has been tested under the strictest of guidelines and has provent to be remarkable at keeping pollutants a=out of the air. That is something that is very unique to our company.

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