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Armstrong Air Conditioning CoolioOrlando is a wondrous place; it is known for its fun parks and of course, the infamous Disney resorts. However, it is also a place that is severely humid in the summer time and it can be hard enough to breathe in the humidity. Air conditioning is not a luxury in this climate, it is a necessity and your air conditioning should be one of the most important facets of your home or your business. Imagine if you will, your air conditioning failing all of a sudden in the height of summer. There really is nothing worse and being able to breathe will become quite a chore. It is of fundamental importance that you maintain your AC unit to the best you can and that means having it inspected and serviced regularly to keep it in top condition.

Orlando Air Conditioning – The Armstrong Way


Armstrong is the company that gives you comfort you can count on. For years, the name Armstrong has been synonymous with air conditioning and heating. They have kept more homes cool and given cleaner air than many other companies. Perhaps this is why there has been so many awards for Armstrong Air and Heating. Did you know that your air conditioning when working optimally will give you cleaner air to breathe.


Orlando Air Conditioning

Comfort You Can Count On

Florida alone has more cases of allergies than many other areas in the Unites States. When allergy season arrives, you really want an air conditioning system that you can count on, and that’s why Armstrong Only work with the best suppliers of AC equipment and parts. However, if your air conditioning system begins to play up and you hear rattles and bangs and suddenly the temperature becomes unbearable and if you have allergies, you will begin to feel it in your chest. It is imperative that you have a company that you can count on 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. Armstrong will send out their AC Repair Technicians quickly and get you back into your comfort zone as soon as possible. If your AC system needs replacement parts, Armstrong AC Repair technicians hold a stock in their vehicles to ensure you get your Air conditioning unit up and running as fast as possible.

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